Which is more nutritional milk and soybean milk

Article source: WeChat public health science (chunyuyuedu) “spring rain”

In the varieties of food is not rich s milk and soybean milk is almost every family for breakfast;Nowadays as living standards improve gradually, nutritious drinks are also rising, skim milk/organic milk and low-fat milk, raw milk are “into” the breakfast force, also let a person see the dazzling.

Milk or soya-bean milk, which is more healthy?Milk or soya-bean milk, which is more healthy?

Milk and soybean milk which is more healthy?Organic milk ordinary milk and how to choose?

1. Pure milk – big calcium artifact

Let’s look at the milk nutrients:

·Protein: mainly casein protein, albumin, globulin, milk and so on, contain amino acids necessary for 8 kinds of human body, can be absorbed by the body efficiently;

·Carbohydrates: lactose;

·Fat: saturated fatty acid + cholesterol;

·Minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc., calcium effect is a plus;

·Vitamins: it contains rich vitamin A, E, D, K and other fat-soluble vitamins, which can effectively promote the absorption of calcium, vitamin D is good for your bones strong.

What conclusion can be draw?

First, there is no doubt that drink milk protein and calcium with high efficiency, especially suitable for still growing child and all need strong bones, or increase the resistance;

Second, easy to make people fat is contained in milk, and not conducive to cardiovascular health of saturated fat and cholesterol;

Third, lactose intolerance of friends, don’t drink.

2. Low fat/skim milk, non-fat, and nutrition

Compared with whole milk, low fat/skim milk does at a lower calories and fat content to provide the same amount of calcium and protein.But this kind of milk at the same time in the take off fat, also inevitably took off the same health benefits of fat-soluble vitamins, nutritional value of milk itself be discounted.

So unless you are a high cholesterol in patients with cardiovascular disease, or because of severe obesity need control the fat intake, otherwise it is not recommended to choose low fat/skim milk.By ordinary people eat less a bit heat to lose weight, do not much difference.

3. Soya-bean milk – heart welcome, intestinal tract

Soya-bean milk and milk nutrients in the what’s the difference?To compare the:

·Protein: contains rich vegetable proteins (soybean protein), can be absorbed by the body efficiently;

·Carbohydrates: in addition to providing energy part of starch, soybean milk also contains rich soybean oligosaccharides and cellulose, which is beneficial to promote intestinal peristalsis, solvedconstipationProblem;

·Fat: give priority to with unsaturated fatty acids, contain beneficial to promote cardiovascular health, reduce joint pain and have fall blood sugar function of Omega 3 fatty acids.

·Minerals: potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, etc., high calcium content than milk;

·Vitamins: water-soluble vitamin content is higher, such as vitamin B group and vitamin C), fat-soluble vitamin content is less.

So, what kind of more nutritious milk and soybean milk does not exist, because of the demand.Milk saturated fat and cholesterol in the cardiovascular health and weight loss, soya-bean milk just can make up for the defects;Soya-bean milk calcium effect is better than milk, but can promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce constipation.

For we are ordinary people, why not take turns to drink, let them complementary advantages?

4. The aristocrats of organic milk, milk is the me

Now, all kinds of food are labeled as the “organic”, the dairy market is no exception.Now on the market to choose from a large variety of organic milk, the price is about 2 times of ordinary milk.

What is the difference between organic milk and ordinary milk?It than regular milk in where?

According to the merchants, organic milk cow feed, breeding and dairy production process, do not use any chemical fertilizers, prohibited to add materials such as growth hormone, feed additives, antibiotics.From raw milk, production to the whole industry chain will not add any chemical composition, guarantee the dairy pure natural, pollution-free.

In December 2013, published in the public library of science one, “a study results show that the Omega 3 fatty acids content of organic milk is higher than pure milk, can promote cardiovascular health, preventionBlood clotsThe formation andA strokeThe onset of significant advantages.

Should buy organic milk to drink?

Spring rain you think, should be depending on the economic situation.

First of all, we can’t see the organic dairy farms, cows, feed, production and processing, etc., for all of the “pure natural pollution-free” rhetoric can only listen to the merchant’s ra;Second, although the content of “good fats” organic milk is higher, but not mean drink can withstand all the health risks of organic milk, prolong life.

Ordinary milk is not the “pollution”, “hormones”, “sick” synonymous with preventionHeart diseaseUltimately depends on healthy lifestyle.If the economic conditions allow buy organic milk drink just as well, are not allowed to drink ordinary milk also have absolutely no problem.

5. Raw milk – more fresh and more dangerous

Organic milk down the “natural” way of thinking, businesses continue to imagination, has introduced a more “pure” milk, raw milk.

Raw milk is what?

Eradicate milk enterprise propaganda, this kind of raw milk is crowded now, from the farm to buy home boil after drinking.Because it’s fresh, so “the milk taste fragrant, taste better”.

However, the state food and drug supervision and administration of administration has issued a clear warning last year, the “direct drinking raw milk in nutrition and no special”, “because of inadequate sterilization, instead of brucellosis infection and other health risks associated with”.

Recently at home and abroad have also caused by drinking raw milkFood poisoningReports, it is recommended that you do not drink raw milk.


The original title: nine Best and Worst Milks for Cholesterol Levels

Author: Amy Kraft

Translation: li jun

Five kinds of short-lived vices correct the sooner, the better

If someone asks you “want to live a long time?”I’m afraid to answer “YES!”Overwhelming majority of people.Some people think they don’t smoke don’t drink, no bad habits so no problem, little imagine, accustomed to the daily habits of eroding your body, let you die.According to RecirdJapan respect this paper introduces the causes of modern common five kinds of bad habits.

Five kinds of short-lived vices correct the sooner, the betterFive kinds of short-lived vices correct the sooner, the better

1, lack of sleep,

In the morning if you can happy wake up?Lack of sleep caused by bad influence real estate to the body.Lack of sleep not only lowers immunity, increaseHeart diseaseRisk, and may lead toHigh blood pressure, weight gain,diabetesModern people such as common diseases.Want to assure enough sleep and quality, be sure to get into the habit of going to bed at the same time, also can’t eat and drink before sleep or play mobile phone to watch TV.

2, do not eat breakfast

Studies have confirmed that don’t eat breakfast, increase the risk of obesity, heart disease and cancer, in addition to people who don’t know breakfast also easy metabolic syndrome.In addition, people who skip breakfast at night to eat salty, oily food, harmful to health is self-evident.

3, sitting for a long time

British medical media, according to research published by 3 hours or more a day will increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, lead to shorten the life.But it is inevitable that the sedentary desk and office workers, the people of this kind of circumstance is the best activities for 30 minutes every day, work intermittent stretch and activities of the limbs.

4, love laughter

“Smile” is said to be the most can make people healthy way.An international medical media published said, “laughter” will reduce the risk of heart disease, stable blood pressure, strengthening immunity.Don’t like to smile in front of people might as well show themselves in front of the bathroom mirror to smile.

5, drinking too much

Moderate drinking problem is not big, but too much will give the liver a heavy load, also can increase heart attacks, low fertility, such as cancer, high blood pressure risk.To drink again confident enough is enough, also must not even thousand cups little.

Three signs of liver problems during sleep

There is a sleep disorder in patients with liver disease, which is due to the adverse effects of liver disease on people’s mental and physical health. But there are no obvious symptoms in the early liver, and many people can easily overlook the sleep disorder caused by liver disease. If there are three manifestations of sleep, it is probably a liver problem.
There are three manifestations of liver problems during sleep and there are three manifestations of liver problems during sleep
1. Long-term insomnia
Chronic insomnia can also be a liver disease. The liver is depressed, or the kidney is negative. Inflammation of the liver inflammation, resulting in the loss of qi and blood, resulting in insomnia. Worse still can lead to neurasthenia. This can lead to chronic inability to fall asleep on time, or wake up in the middle of the night after falling asleep. For the long-term insomnia caused by liver disease, it is more appropriate to consider from the perspective of TCM.
Sleep talk and grind your teeth
Speaking of the dream, grinding teeth, is the heart of the liver is angry too much to produce the deficiency heat, can lead to a series of Tibetan god hide not good performance after sleeping: say the dream speech, grind the tooth, even more, the circumstance that appears sleepwalking.
3. Daytime sleepiness or long sleep
In general, you’ll wake up after a certain amount of sleep. But many patients with chronic liver disease often experience narcolepsy. Chronic liver disease patients have sleepiness during the day, but it also can not sleep at night, because of the influence of hepatitis b virus, cause the neutral grain nuclei eosinophil level higher, and abnormal sleep disorder.
Other manifestations of liver disease
In addition to sleeping disorder, liver disease can have other typical symptoms.
1. The skin is filled with blood
If liver disease worsens, it can affect coagulation function. The patient gets up in the morning and finds that the skin is strangely silted. This is because the patient has abnormal coagulation, bleeding and clotting. Sometimes, teeth can bleed when you brush your teeth. Coagulant disorders show that the liver stops synthesizing the coagulation factor that he is responsible for.
2. Loss of appetite
The loss of appetite caused by liver disease is obvious and serious. Some people can’t eat anything. With a high degree of weakness, don’t say you can’t get out of bed, you can’t even lift your arms!
3. Yellow eyes
This is because the liver’s bilirubin metabolism stops, the skin turns yellow and the iris of the eye yellows. If there is jaundice, the liver lesion is serious.
4. Dark circles do not fade
Liver disease early complexion change is not obvious, or have not changed, but when the severity of the lesions have, in their face will be found to have detectable signals, such as complexion dark, black rim of the eye. The complexion is gray is because after the occurrence of liver disease, the hormone inactivation ability of the body decreases, liver metabolizes occurrence abnormality and so on a variety of factors cause pigmentation formation, the eye circle hair black is usually most obvious.