Philippines Has No Sovereignty over “Bingham Uplift”? Philippine President’s Office: China Speaks | Philippines | Duterte | UNCLOS | Sina News

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The original title Philippines “Bingham up” no sovereignty? Philippine presidential palace: China is right

<img src = "" alt = "Philippine presidential palace spokesman Locke Source: Daily Inquirer) "data-mcesrc =" "data-mceselected =" 1 "data-link = Philippine presidential palace spokesman Locke (Source: Daily Inquirer)

Overseas network on January 23 with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2017 In a statement of the year, “Bingham is up” is not the territory of the Philippines. Recently, Locke, spokesman for the Philippine presidential palace, recently claimed to agree with China and pointed out that the Philippine side possesses only the right to “Bingham” rather than sovereignty. He also said that the Philippines needs China to help carry out its research on the “Bingham Uplift.” In the media coverage of “Daily Inquirer” in Philippines, rapper news network and “Philippines World Journal,” when it comes to the “Bingham Uplift” east of Isabela province in the Philippines Locke said: “[The Chinese side’s view is correct] We have no sovereignty over ‘Bingham Uplift’ and what we have is the right and the sovereignty are different. ‘” The spokesman said having this right means The Philippines has the exclusive right to explore and utilize the natural and non-living resources found in the Bingham Uplift. In addition, on January 15, Philippine President Duterte decided to allow China to carry out scientific research in the Pacific Ocean waters in the Philippines. When asked why the Philippines allowed China to take part in the Pacific coast waters Instead of the Philippines conducting its own research, Locke said: “Nobody can do that because it is capital-intensive (industry).” As for why only China is allowed, and other countries that can provide the funding needed But failed to participate, the spokesman explained: “This is because currently only China is eligible, in accordance with the guidelines set by the Philippine government.No other applications have been passed.”

For “Bingham Uplift “, in 2012, the UN Commission on Boundaries examined and approved the filing by the Philippines of the” Bingham Uplift “application for the continental shelves 200 nautical miles outside the continental shelf. However, in 2017, the Philippine Defense Minister said that there were Chinese ships that appeared in the sea off Bingham. The Philippines considered this uplift a Philippine territory confirmed by the United Nations and expressed its deep concern over the incident. In response, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry also responded in March 2017, refuting it from various angles, such as legal basis. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang said on March 10 that in 2012, the UN Commission on Boundaries examined and approved the Philippines filing in 2009 the “Bingham Uplift” the application of the continental shelf limit of 200 nautical miles outside the continental shelf, The exploration and exploitation of natural resources does not mean that the Philippines can treat it as its own territory. Under international law, including the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the rights of the coastal State to the continental shelf have no effect on the legal status of overlying waters or waters and do not affect foreign ships’ rights under international law in the coastal State exclusive economic zone The freedom of navigation enjoyed by the high seas and the right of innocent passage in the territorial sea. The relevant marine research vessel of the Chinese side indeed crossed the sea in the northeast of Luzon Island of the Philippines in 2016 but it did not conduct any so-called other activities or operations solely on the basis of exercising normal freedom of navigation and innocent pass. The remarks made by some individuals in the Philippines are not true. On March 29 of the same year, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang also stated at a routine press conference that at the end of 2016, China’s navy test vessel had indeed crossed the northeast of Philippine Luzon In the relevant waters of the Ministry, Chinese vessels enjoy the freedom of navigation and innocent passage under international law such as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. The saying that Chinese ships carry out their homework or other activities in the “Bingham Uplift” waters is purely nonsense.

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Since the 19th National Congress of the Ministry of Public Security how to start? | Zhao Kezhi | Ministry of Public Security | Socialism with Chinese Characteristics_ 新浪 新闻

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The original title: Since the 19th National Congress, the new Ministry of Public Security how to start a party? From October 28, 2017 to the present, Zhao Kezhi assumed the role of party secretary and minister of the new Ministry of Public Security. Nearly 3 months. At the opening of the 19 th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. This is a new historical position for our country’s development. Zhao Kezhi assumed the office of the new Ministry of Public Security and said at the first meeting of the party secretary of the Ministry of Public Security that entering a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics set new requirements for public security work and must be further strengthened in the spirit of advancing with the times And improve public security and public security contingent building, we must “base ourselves on a new era, focus on new goals, grasp new requirements and strive for new ones.”

The new Ministry of Public Security Party Committee performed nearly 3 months, leading the national public security organs to create a “new situation” first appeared. In the recent 3 months, what kind of “new weather” and “new act” has the party committee of the Ministry of Public Security created?

Public Security Surname>

Unwavering adherence to the Party’s Absolute Leadership in Public Security Work

“Public security surname party” is not the first word raised by the party committee of the Ministry of Public Security, but the current party committee attaches great importance to it and has repeatedly stressed on various occasions. On November 2 last year, on the 5th day of assuming power, Zhao Kezhi presided over the first study (expansion) meeting of the Theory Group of the Ministry of Public Security. In his speech, he emphasized that it is necessary to clearly state politics and firmly establish the concept of “public security surname party” and unswervingly uphold the party’s absolute leadership over public security work and the active forces in public service.

On November 13, the authority directly under the Ministry of Public Security At the opening ceremony of the special training class for the 19th National Congress of the CPC Central Committee and government officials at the provincial level, Zhao Kezhi delivered a speech and made a special counseling report. In this speech, he once again referred to “public safety surname party.” Zhao Kezhi said: We should unswervingly adhere to the fundamental political principle of clearly defining politics and highlighting the fundamental construction of political construction, sticking to the fundamental political attribute of “public security and surname party” and adhering to the party’s absolute leadership over public security work Strengthen the party’s absolute leadership over public security work and give overall leadership. In his speech, he repeatedly mentioned “unswervingly adhere to the party’s work on public security and the absolute leadership of the active forces of the public security forces,” and stressed that “resolutely safeguard and implement the chairmanship of the Chairman of the Central Military Commission.”

The emphasis on this point is also reflected in the site of Zhao Kezhi’s first survey. After he assumed the new Ministry of Public Security, the first stop of the investigation was the Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security. During the investigation conducted by the Security Bureau, he emphasized that it is necessary to unswervingly adhere to the party’s absolute leadership over the active forces in active service of the public security forces, continuously strengthen the core of loyalty, hold the core, safeguard the core, and safeguard the core ideological consciousness, political consciousness and initiative, unswervingly Maintain the core, safeguard and implement the chairmanship of the Central Military Commission and resolutely ensure the absolute security of the party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. In addition, he also said that we should always persist in using the ideological forces of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping to firmly establish the guiding position of Xi Jinping’s thinking on strengthening our armed forces in army building and firmly grasp the principle of “party loyalty, Serve the people, law enforcement impartiality, strict discipline, “the general requirements. About Zhao Kezhi Research Public Security Bureau, Ministry of Public Security related to the source revealed some details to reporters. In his visit to each bureau, it takes only half a day and several hours to understand the situation. He not only listens to leadership opinions but also listens to ordinary cadres’ opinions. “He Said he had visited all the ministries in less than three months after he came to the Ministry of Public Security.

Learning the spirit of the 19

The first ministry to send a propaganda mission to the localities

The first major political task of the party committee of the new Ministry of Public Security after taking office is to learn and propagandize the spirit of the 19 th CPC National Congress. From the point of view of the speed and intensity of the arrangements for deployment, the party committee of the Ministry of Public Security is “making great efforts” in the implementation of this work. It is understood that the Ministry of Public Security is the first ministry to send a delegation of 19 major spirits to localities. Ministry of Public Security Party Committee (enlarged) meeting held on October 31 last year was the first time that Zhao Kezhi appeared in public reports after his assumption of office. It was the first time that he presided over the meeting as the party secretary of the Ministry of Public Security. One of the main contents of that meeting was to study and deploy the spirit of the 19 National Congress of the Communist Party of China that was rapidly deployed to publicize and carry out the Party’s propaganda throughout the country. At the meeting, Zhao Kezhi stressed: In accordance with the unified plan of the party Central Committee,The organs in-depth study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress made further arrangements for the deployment to ensure that the majority of public security police grasp the essence of the ideological and core elements of the spirit of the 1919 Congress, conscientiously implement the spirit of the 19 . On November 2, the Ministry of Public Security held a study (enlargement) meeting of the Party Central Committee of Theoretical Studies to convey the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to seriously study, propagandize and implement the spirit of the 19 nd congress of the Party, and to contact with the actual exchange and study of public security work Experience. At the meeting, members of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Culture jointly made speeches respectively on the profound understanding and implementation of the spirit of the 19 th CPC National Congress in light of the actual work. In his speech, Zhao Kezhi said: In studying and implementing the 19th CPC National Congress, we must first of all work hard at our own understanding and understanding, and earnestly study the 19-core report verbatim. Four days later, on November 6, the Ministry of Public Security held the party’s grand presentation of the spirit of the 19th Congress, inviting members of the Central Propaganda Delegation and director of the Central Party History Research Office Qu Qingshan to make presentations on the cadres of organs and organs .

△ November 6, 2017, the Ministry of Public Security held the party's ten △ On November 6, 2017, the Ministry of Public Security held the party’s grand presentation of the spirit of the 19th Congress. 13, the Ministry of Public Security Bureau directly under the cadres to study and implement the spirit of the nineteenth party training courses, Zhao Kezhi attended the opening ceremony and special counseling report. Zhao Kezhi preached for nearly 3 hours. Public reports mentioned that he closely linked to the original report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, combined with feelings of experience, contact practical work, from the party’s nineteen major themes in 19 aspects of the spirit of the 19th. Politics (微 信 ID: upolitics) noticed that this is not the only time that ZHAO Chi-chi has personally proclaimed the 19 th National Congress. On November 22, Zhao Kezhi went to the First Institute of the Ministry of Public Security to preach the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and conduct research. During his speech, he explained the 19th National Congress of the CPC with six “unprecedented new realms.” After that, he visited some key laboratories of the Institute and watched the display of public security scientific and technological achievements and held a forum to listen to the work report. It is worth mentioning that, on November 11, the Central Publicity Lecture Group just finished the task of proclaiming the 19 Great Spirit of 10 days. After 5 days, starting from November 16, the Ministry of Public Security organized a number of studies Propaganda and implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the propaganda delegation throughout the public security organs, in-depth grass-roots conduct propaganda activities. According to publicly reported statistics, the Ministry of Public Security is the first ministry to send a propaganda mission to the localities.

Concerned about grassroots police

Not only resolutely defend the law enforcement authority and firm norms fair enforcement

“real Set the center of gravity down to the grassroots, the police force to sink to the grassroots to protect the correct guidance to the grassroots. ” This is what Zhao Kezhi stressed when he investigated and presided over a symposium held by some police chiefs in Beijing on December 25 last year. This is the first time that Zhao Kezhi came to the grassroots level for investigation after his assumption of office. alt = “△ Zhao Kezhi Tongzhou Branch of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau grass-roots community policing Zhao Kezhi in the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Tongzhou Branch grassroots community policing studio survey

The emphasis on grass-roots work is also the current Ministry of Public Security party in the past three Month repeatedly emphasized. Not long ago, in January 2018, Nanyang and Kaifeng in Henan Province, Jinan and Heze in Shandong and Changsha in Hunan Province and other places successively occurred first-line police officers and police auxiliary law enforcement officers encountered violent resistance and abuse of assault during the normal law enforcement. In this regard, the Ministry of Public Security attaches great importance to send a working group to Shandong, Henan, Hunan and other places to visit condolences, made it clear that we must earnestly strengthen the protection of law enforcement rights and interests of police, support for the police to carry out their duties cheerleading; at the same time We must further promote the standardization of law enforcement and strictly regulate fair and civilized law enforcement. At the same time, the party committee of the Ministry of Public Security also emphasized the need to establish a law enforcement concept of “people as the center”. To uphold the statutory responsibilities, we must not be law-based and handle the relationship between vitality and order properly, safeguarding rights and maintaining stability Relations, and constantly improve the ability to use the rule of law thinking and the rule of law to resolve conflicts and solve problems. At the grassroots police attention, in addition to maintaining the authority of law enforcement by police and strictly regulating fair and civilized law enforcement, the new party committee of the Ministry of Public Security also stressed the need to reduce the burden on grass-roots units. Also in the national public security organs video conference, Zhao Kezhi made clear that to take effective measures to clean up the appraisal inspection, standardize the report ledger, compress the meeting documents, to strictly regulate the use of police forces, shall not be assigned civilian police to participate in legal duties other than non-policing activities . At the same time, it is necessary to pay close attention to the implementation of the Opinions of the State Council on Regulating the Management of Police Support Workers in Public Security Organs, effectively manage and use the auxiliary police team well. In addition, we must further promote the implementation of relevant policies and measures to care for the civilian police, and improve the policy of pensioners wounded and injured pension. Ministry of Public Security sources told the government know (WeChat ID: upolitics), Yingyang County, Fuyang, a police station in the short term sacrificed three police officers, Zhao Kezhi learned that after the special instructions , Asked immediately dispatch investigation team fieldwork. It is understood that the Ministry of Public Security has sent a working group to investigate the matter.

Last December 25When Zhao presided over a forum for some police chiefs in Beijing, Zhao Kezhi also listened to the opinions and suggestions of the directors of eight police stations in different urban areas and the work report of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to promote the police force sinking. Wang Baosong, director of the Xiaohongmen police station, who was attending the forum at the time, told Politburo that he received more notice at Tongzhou on the 25th for participation in the symposium. He recalled that after Zhao Kezhi entered the conference hall, he said hello to the directors one by one and then eight directors spoke in turn. “I am the sixth one to speak.” Wang Baosong said that his speech mainly focused on the construction of law enforcement and introduced small Hongmen police station “law enforcement case management center + case management team” situation.

“I can feel Miss Zhao heard very thin, often interrupted when asked to listen, I hope people who speak can be careful about.” Wang Baosong said.

Prevention and Control of Risks

Enhance People’s Access

In the recent two years, China has continuously become One of the countries with the lowest incidence of murder in the world. Since the new party of the Ministry of Public Security took office for nearly 3 months, it has done a lot of work in preventing and controlling risks, cracking down on crimes and serving the people. When he first presided over the meeting of the Ministry of Public Security, Zhao Kezhi put forward: “We must always uphold the people’s public security as the people, start from what the people care about, and start doing things that satisfy the masses of the people. We should constantly strengthen and improve public security administration services and actively The introduction of new measures to facilitate the people and the people, the real public security work to the people’s heart, to further enhance the people’s sense of satisfaction and satisfaction. “

December 22 last year, the Ministry of Public Security Committee (to expand ) The meeting was convened to convey the spirit of studying the Central Economic Work Conference and to study how the public security organs can implement their opinions. At the meeting, China’s economy witnessed a new era in its economic development. Public security work should enhance its sense of urgency and bottom-line thinking, crack down on remediation of financial crimes and illegal fund-raising in accordance with the law, and other related public-related and risk-based economic crimes , Resolutely lay a solid defense against major risks to tackle tough battles. At the same time, we must adhere to the guideline of the issue and resolutely crack down on all kinds of outstanding public order problems and criminal activities that rectify the strong reaction of the masses of the people and continue to carry out special campaigns to crack down on fraud in the telecommunications network and crimes involving explosives and explosives. Earlier, on November 7 last year, the Ministry of Public Security issued opinions and arrangements to further crack down on financial crimes and prevent financial risks. Opinions and demands, always maintain the crackdown on financial crimes high pressure situation, focusing on cracking down illegal fund-raising crimes and involving Internet finance, securities and futures markets and financial institutions outstanding economic crimes. Last December, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Ministry of Public Security jointly revised and promulgated the “Several Provisions of the Ministry of Public Security of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Handling Cases of Economic Crimes by Public Security Organs” and strengthened cooperation in prosecution and police operations in the handling of economic crimes At the same time, the procuratorial and supervision departments should be promoted to connect with the internal law enforcement supervision of public security organs, promote the standardization of law enforcement by public security organs, enhance the quality of handling cases of economic crimes, and achieve the unification of punishing crimes and safeguarding human rights. In the same month, the Ministry of Public Security also deployed and launched the “Spring Thunder Operation” of cracking down one count of IPR crimes for a period of two months. The operation mainly encroached upon and directly damaged the interests of the masses, endanger production and living safety, and impede the innovation and development of enterprises , Prominent crimes against intellectual property. At a video conference of the national public security organ on December 15 last year, Zhao Kezhi emphasized that “we must firmly establish the people-centered law enforcement concept and push forward the construction of law enforcement standards and work style with higher requirements.” The national public security organs have also put this spirit into practice and taken measures to serve the masses simultaneously. Among them, the Nanhu Branch of Public Security Bureau of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, through the exploration and innovation, promoted full-time police and professional police synthesis in community police. The ability of “controlling crimes and handling cases” and “resolving cases with multiple crimes” significantly improved. In 2017, As, for the people to create a safe living environment. Tianjin Public Security Bureau promulgated “double 10” measures to serve the people’s livelihood service enterprises and worked hard to create a safe and stable public order environment and a high quality and efficient service environment. In addition, the issue of telecommunications fraud involving the vital interests of ordinary people, the public security organs also launched a special fight against telecommunications fraud. On the afternoon of January 12 this year, 104 criminal suspects in the telecommunications network were escorted from Laos for repatriation. More than 300 telecommunication network fraud cases involving the entire country were successfully solved, involving more than 30 million yuan.

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Drop Driven 2018 Spring Transportation Plan 3300 Million People | Spring Festival | Drops | Face Recognition_ Sina News

(sinaads = window. sinaads || []). push ({}); <! – The original Beijing News: Beijing News Express (Reporter Chen Weicheng) January 24, according to the Beijing News Express (Reporter Chen Weicheng) on ​​January 24, The drop-in windmills publicly disclosed the forecast data for the spring of 2018 and expected to transport 33 million people to go home, accounting for 50.77% of the forecast data of civil aviation (65 million passengers) and 8.48% of the railway passenger traffic (389 million) . According to statistics, the number of passenger cars delivered in the spring of 2018 is expected to be three times the sum of the previous two years. In 2016, a total of 1.9 million passengers transported home across the city and covered 31 provinces, equivalent to 24% of the passenger traffic of China Southern Airlines in the same year. During the spring festival of 2017, a total of 8.48 million passenger transports were delivered by the windmills, which is close to the number of domestic flights carried by China Southern Airlines during the Spring Festival. This is the third year to join the Spring Festival, is expected to transport 33 million passengers, equivalent to an increase of 183,000 aircraft Boeing 737 aircraft. In 2018, a drop of wind and wind fell apart from the cross-city route, adding a cross-county route. Downwind forecast data show that more than 7.5 million passengers are expected to arrive directly at the county and towns where transportation is not convenient. Windmills forecast data show that 40 days before and after the Spring Festival in 2018, cross-city travel to seven days as a cycle, showing a "tidal" changes, significant dates from the peak. On February 13, two days before the Spring Festival, nearly one million people took the opportunity to set foot on the way home. On the eve of the New Year's Day, there were nearly 400,000 people returning home on the windy day. On February 23, more than 1.1 million people returned to work during the first eight holidays. Huang Jieli, general manager of Drift Motors, mentioned that in order to give owners and passengers a better experience, Schneider Motors optimized the algorithm in the past year and increased the number of stops by 10% Carpool spell rate increased by 10%. In addition, the windmills also took out 30 million as reward subsidies during the Spring Festival to call for more private owners to share their seats, so that all passengers can not buy tickets to go home New Year.

The windmill will put the user’s safety first. Drip requires the driver must complete the three certificates of truth (ID card, driver’s license, driving license), face recognition, the platform will also be recommended to participate in cross-city ride the passengers real-name authentication and face recognition. With technical products, big data and other intelligent means, drop down the windmills proposed DeepLearning risk driving risk forecasting system and upgrade the trust value system to escort.

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Abe Routine Congress Positions: Cooperation with China on the Belt and Road Initiative | Abe | Congress | Shinzo Abe | Sina News

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Original Title Abe Routine Congress Position: To Co-operate with China on Belt and Road

<span class = "img_descr" Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. January 24 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at a plenary meeting of the House of Representatives on the 24th that he would consider cooperation on the concept of "the Belt and Road" advocated by China. The 196th session of the Japanese parliament holds a regular meeting on January 22. According to Japan's Kyodo News Agency, Abe told the plenary meeting of the House of Representatives on China's advocacy of the "Belt and Road Initiative," saying that "looking forward to contributing to regional peace and prosperity, Japan will proceed from this perspective China to cooperate. "

According to Japanese media reports, Japan’s 196th regular parliament will be held on the 22nd. The current session of Japan’s parliament is 150 days long and will conclude on June 20. From the 24th onwards, all Japanese party representatives will conduct a three-day questioning meeting on the issues of public participation and the two houses of state to start a polemical debate on various issues. According to previous reports, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe delivered a policy address on the January 22 plenary session of the House of Representatives. This is the sixth time since Abe took power in December 2012 that his administration took the second stage, he delivered a speech on his policy address. On China-Japan relations, Abe said “China will cooperate with China to meet the expanding needs of Asian infrastructure.” Compliance with international rules such as the rule of law will be a precondition. Abe did not directly mention China’s concept of “One Belt and One Road.”

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Korean media: Last year, the number of Chinese tourists to South Korea nearly cut down to only 4.39m | Myeong-dong | Saad | Vietnam | Sina News

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Original Title: Korean Media: Last Year, Only 4.39 Million Visitors Climbed to China in South Korea

Before the” Saad “storm, South Korea January 24, Korean Ministry of Justice released on the 24th of 2017 Korea’s exit-exit statistics show that last year’s visit to South Korea, China, a few tourists Near the cut, only 4.39 million passengers, year on year Reduction of 46.9%. According to the Yonhap News Agency, the number of foreign tourists visiting South Korea last year fell by 22.2% from a year earlier, to 2696 million. It is reported that the number of foreigners coming and going in South Korea exceeded 20 million in 2012 for the first time in 2012, reaching 34 million in 2016, but dropped to 26.96 million in 2017, down 22.2% from the same period of last year. Yonhap said the main reason is due to the sudden impact of Chinese tourists. From the number of arrivals in 2017, China saw the largest number of 4.39 million passengers, a decrease of 46.9% over the same period of previous year. Followed by Japan with 2.23 million passengers and the United States with 960,000 passengers. In addition, as of the end of last year, there were 2.18 million foreigners staying in South Korea, accounting for 4.2% of the registered population in South Korea. In terms of nationality, China (46.7%), Vietnam (7.8%), Thailand (7.0%) and the United States (6.6%), respectively.

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Officials of Jilin Insurance Regulatory Commission Divided 1 Million Public Dollars into Deaths on Trial | Liu Dejiang | Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection | Insurance Supervision | Sina News

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Original title: Exclusive | Du Bangxian the former chairman of insurance, insurance regulatory bureau director Liu Dejiang involved in corruption cases, died of a court trial

<img src = "http: // (Liu Dejiang data diagram) “Financial” reporter Yu Yan / Man Yuan Man / editor

Under the overall strict supervision of the insurance industry under the main tone, eliminate the storm of poisoning will hit one after another. Caijing reporter learned from a number of sources that the corruption litigation of the second chairman of Dupont Property Insurance Co., Ltd. (formerly known as “Dupont Property Insurance”) and Liu Dejiang, former head of Jilin Insurance Regulatory Commission, will be held soon The case involved the split of millions of public funds. Liu Dejiang will become the first person involved in the insurance supervision system bureau-level high-level insurance companies. It is understood that, in addition to Liu Dejiang, all state insurance Commission for Discipline Inspection Liu Wenbin, former vice president of all state insurance Zhang Shuhua and former Vice President Zhang Hanhu, and the CPPCC Consumer Protection Office Shao Guangxue, former deputy director Involved in the case. May 24, 2016, Jilin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection released the news that all state property insurance Commission for discipline discipline Liu Wenbin suspected of serious violations of discipline, is receiving investigation by the organization. It is understood that Zhang Hanhu resigned for personal reasons in June 2016, and Liu Dejiang resigned as chairman of Duma Insurance in June 2014 and disappeared into the public field of vision. According to informed sources close to the state property and regulatory authorities disclosed that the corruption suits involving the local government of Jilin Province Duyun property insurance bonuses, was detained by Liu Dejiang and others privately divided, the amount of About one million yuan. According to “Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Criminal Cases of Corruption and Bribery” promulgated on April 19, 2016, the starting point for the sentencing of embezzlement and taking bribes was adjusted , From the “Criminal Law” to determine the starting point of 5000 yuan to 30000 yuan. It is understood that corruption or bribery amount to more than 200,000 yuan less than 300 million belong to the “huge amount” will be sentenced to three years to ten years imprisonment and fined or confiscated property. Corruption amounting to more than 1.5 million yuan but less than 3 million yuan belongs to “other particularly serious circumstances” and will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of ten years or more, life imprisonment or death and fined or confiscated of property. Some legal profession said that if the suspects have surrendered, meritorious deeds, truthfully confessed their crimes, sincere repentance, actively returned or not, to reduce the occurrence of damage and other circumstances, not necessarily immediately implemented , You can sentence the execution of the suspended sentence for two years. However, “Caijing” reporter learned from informed sources, January 24 Liu Dejiang trial court, sudden heart disease died, at the age of 67 years.

Because of Liu Dejiang’s sudden death, making the trial of the case unparalleled. How to carry out the next trial, the relevant people involved in the final sentencing, to be followed up.

supervision of cadres before Fall

67-year-old Liu Dejiang Heilongjiang Province Lindian man, his life footprint involved Heilongjiang, Jilin, Beijing ” Two provinces and one city “, started at the grassroots level supply and marketing cooperatives, stepped up from the counties, cities, provinces and capitals to cross the border from the commercial area to the banking industry and then to the insurance industry. It has changed from a regulator to an organization manager in both banking and insurance fields. Public information shows that Liu Dejiang since March 8, 1969 to participate in the work, initially in Lindian Dongfeng supply and marketing cooperatives as a salesperson and accountant, in July 1973 transferred to the Lindian County Supply and Marketing Cooperatives Work, from here to embark on the manager posts, served as deputy director of the Supply and Marketing Cooperatives Political Department, deputy director of the county supply and marketing cooperatives and deputy party secretary, chief of the Department of Fisheries Chief (during the grand commune as deputy secretary for one year). Enter the eighties of last century, Liu Dejiang transferred to Lindian County Bank President and ICBC president. In April 1988, Liu Dejiang stepped out of Lindian Town and was transferred to Vice President and President of People’s Bank of Daxinganling District. Later he took office as President of People’s Bank of Heihe City and Governor of Qiqihar Municipal People’s Bank. In June 2000, Liu Dejiang was transferred to the director of Jilin Insurance Regulatory Commission, where he held a position for 10 years. In May 2011, over the age of 60, Liu Dejiang retired from the position of director, taking over the post of director Bai Lijun, secretary of the Jilin Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and deputy director at the time. In 2012, a wave of “going down to the sea” of regulatory cadres appeared in the insurance industry. Yang Mingsheng, former vice chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, was appointed chairman of China Life Insurance Group and Zhu Yi, director of the PICC Property Insurance Department, took the chair of Ampang Life Insurance . The retired Liu Dejiang, then served as the second head of all state property insurance.

At that time, DuPont Property Insurance, which had been in operation for seven years, was just released from the employee stock being illegally appropriated, the South shareholders pinching each other, and the chairman of the board meeting against several years of disputes. In 2011 5 10 Zhejiang Department of the withdrawal of the shareholders, the equity by the three Jilin Department of the company after the disk, the state-owned shareholders occupy a controlling stake, the state insurance turned into a state-owned insurance company background. After the change of ownership of Duyun Property & Casualty Insurance, Wang Liying, the first chairman of the board, changed his name to a director and Liu Dejiang took over as chairman of the board. In July 2012, at the mid-year working conference of Metro Insurance in 2012, Liu Dejiang attended the meeting with all the board directors of Metro Insurance. At that time, all state property insurance people have said that as a local insurer in Jilin, Du Pont property rights appointment by the local government control, the party organization also go to the Jilin Municipal Party Committee management. At that time, Liu Dejiang, a standing member of CPPCC of Jilin Province and a long-time supervisor of insurance supervision department, was undoubtedly the best candidate for the new chief of property insurance at that time. According to people familiar with Liu Dejiang, Liu Dejiang is a very literary fan who loves writing. In the early years, he did not write in the banking system and often published papers in local financial publications. In addition to professional articles, also like to write poetry especially metrical poetry. It is understood that Liu Dejiang has published a “poetic sentiment life”, or members of the board of directors of the popular literature. In addition, Liu Dejiang a lot of hobbies, like playing bridge, keen philately, served as chairman of Jilin Province Bridge Association and Provincial Philatelic Association executive director. With the new identity of the insurance company Liu Dejiang, just hold the hands of two years away. All state property and insurance notice shows, June 9, 2014, Board of Directors, Extraordinary General Meeting and the extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors on the resignation of Liu Dejiang, chairman of the board of directors no longer serve as legal representative motion, was unanimously approved by all shareholders. Subsequently, ZONG Guofu, former president of Air China UNITA Property Insurance and former deputy general manager of Ji Liang Group, was elected as the new chairman.

In September 2014, when Zongguofu and his party paid a visit to the government of Jilin Province, relevant leaders of the Jilin Provincial Government indicated that the provincial party committee and government have chosen an ideal leader for the second pioneering work of Dupont Insurance . At that time, Jilin Municipal Government attached great importance to the future development of DuPont Property Insurance. In the 2014 government work report, one of the tasks in 2015 was to strengthen the scale of DuPont property insurance and enhance financial holding Group financing ability. However, Zong Guofu is shorter than Liu Dejiang on his term as chairman: in May 2015, approved as the chairman of the board of directors, just over 11 months later, Metro Insurance welcomed us The fourth chairman Zheng Guoru.

When Liu Dejiang rushed farewell Duyun property insurance, the industry came the hearses and related personnel were investigated rumors. May 2016 Jilin City Commission for Discipline Inspection released the news, then sit tight all the original state discipline inspection commission Liu Wenbin property fraud there is a serious problem. According to people familiar with the situation, Liu Wenbin had originally retired in December 2015 and his disciplinary offense involved economic issues. Public information shows that Liu Wenbin is a Jilin city, was born in December 1955. Prior to serving as secretary of Chengdu Commission of Discipline Inspection Commission, he served successively as Deputy Director of Supply and Marketing Cooperative of Jilin City, Deputy Secretary General of Jilin Municipal Government, Director of Commission of Commerce of Jilin City, Deputy Secretary General of Jilin Municipal Government, Deputy Secretary of Jilin Fengman District Committee, Secretary and other staff. From the curriculum vitae, Liu Wenbin and Liu Dejiang both served in the supply and marketing cooperative system, and both parties also entered the state property insurance over the same period. However, as early as the “two Liu” in the state property insurance to become colleagues before, on behalf of the local government and insurance regulatory authorities, respectively, for the dispute of all property insurance shareholders involved in mediation. In 2009, Liu Wenbin, then secretary of the Fengman District of Jilin Province, stepped in to meet with Zhejiang shareholders such as Jihua Group and Huarui Group in Beijing, saying that the Jilin government is the property of the state. “In fact, Shareholders “, urged shareholders to increase their investment as soon as possible. In addition to Liu Wenbin, there are two state defense insurance vice president Zhang Shuhua and Zhang Hanhu. CIRC announcement shows that the two in the same batch in 2012 became the deputy general manager. Prior to that, Zhang Shuhua is an executive director, Zhang Han Hu is all state property insurance Liaoning branch general manager.

In March 2015, Zhang Hanhu was appointed chief financial officer. Zhang Shuhua resigned in 2016. According to a number of people familiar with the Jilin Insurance Regulatory Bureau disclosed that in addition to the three executives Duyun Property Insurance, Liu Dejiang also involved the case of Jilin Insurance Regulatory Commission Consumer Protection Department, former deputy director Shao Shao Optical. It is understood that Shao Guangxu had served as deputy director of the office of director Liu Dejiang. Public information shows that in April 2014, the second inspection team of the CIRC’s party committee inspected the CPPCC. On March 15, 2017, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission’s assessment team was assigned to DuPont Insurance to carry out on-site assessment of the corporate governance of insurance legal institutions. According to informed sources from the state property insurance and insurance regulatory system revealed that the case of Liu Dejiang, since the result of his affiliations with the local government issued a bonus Dudu Insurance, the amount of About one million yuan. As for the final amount of sentencing how much is to be further disclosed by the judiciary. Ten years of chaos

The establishment of Duyun Property Insurance, which has been in full force for 12 years, has begun to emerge from the third year of establishment . The disputes between the two parties in Zhejiang and Jilin lasted for five years. The fierce shareholder struggles and the reversal of the plot when the chairman and the president quarreled each other were extremely violent in the insurance industry.

The causes of shareholder disputes, then marginally since the state property insurance shareholders and executives alleged misappropriation of funds. According to reports at that time, all employees of DuPont Property Insurance Co., Ltd. were held in 2007. However, 310 million of the 720 million employee-raised funds were intercepted by senior executives and entered into the integrated markets of Jilin Jindu Group, Changchun Changqing Pharmaceutical and Changchun Quanan Three companiesJilin shareholders account. In addition, Wang Liying and others to buy a house in the name of the state property will 157 million yuan of funds transferred to other companies use. For all Dukes Insurance executives suspected of misappropriation of funds, all state property insurance Zhejiang Department also found expert proof, in June 2010 formed a written opinion submitted to the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. As a result of the turmoil and controversy in the stock market, management lags behind in managing the company, and the compliance operation was poor. The problems of illegal activities on the branches down to the headquarters were prominent. Regulatory letter issued by CIRC to Du Bangong Insurance in 2010 shows that in 2009, 18 branches were subject to administrative penalties by insurance regulatory authorities.

Under the chaos of the state property insurance, performance has been greatly affected. Net loss of 520 million yuan in 2009, net assets of -27 million, has been insolvent debt. To this end, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission under the state property insurance have five bans, since May 1, 2010 from the requirements shall not be purchased real estate, automobiles and other large fixed assets, commercial advertising shall not be prohibited The establishment of new branches prohibits upgrading the existing branches and prohibits dividends to shareholders. The bans were not lifted until February 2015. However, the Administrative Punishment issued by CIRC in September 2013 shows that Dupont did not strictly enforce the ban on regulatory letters, not only acquired two vehicles, incurred commercial advertising expenses, In 2010, the pre-tax remuneration of senior executives in 2011 were not controlled within 60% of their 2009 pre-tax remuneration. Only three months later, the CIRC issued a separate administrative penalty issued by the state property insurance shows that the expenses listed are not true, the list of expenses in 2011 shopping card does not match with the actual use, involving The amount of 1.16 million yuan; September 2011 virtual conference fee, involving an amount of about 190,000 yuan, in addition, only in January 2011 virtual column travel expenses, involving funding of up to 250,000 yuan. In addition, from 2010 to 2011, all the state property insurance there are duplicate property tax to confirm more business and management fees, collection and withholding taxes and fees not recognized as required by the provisions of Non-operating income, receivables and payables to meet the financial data and business data differences exist.

Regulatory letter was issued at a time when Liu Dejiang was chairman. However, because the time involved in the inspection was in the stage of Wang Liying, Liu Dejiang was not punished but was directly responsible for Gao Jixian, who assumed the president’s responsibilities at the time. Insiders pointed out that in addition to all the state property insurance company governance is not perfect, the monitoring mechanism is not effectively implemented and other external factors, but also with their personal view of public and private power and power And so there is neglect and other internal factors. It is understood that in a few days ago held in 2018 national insurance regulatory work conference, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission said that for the nature of the serious adverse effects of illegal acts, as well as repeated repeated offenders, touch the bottom line regulatory agencies and individuals, Firmly implement the top grid punishment. We should insist on checking the corruption in key areas and key links such as the selection and employment of personnel, the examination and approval of supervision, and so on. We must insist on investigating the litigant’s responsibilities and the related leadership responsibilities for those units that have committed major corruption cases and serious disciplinary offenses. Zheng Guoru, chairman of Dupont Insurance, said at a seminar on operations and management at DuPont 2017 that the company is to establish “five mechanisms”, including oversight and accountability mechanisms, We will further strengthen discipline inspection and auditing and auditing work, and implement accountability to agencies and departments of the head office departments that violate the regulatory requirements, which result in serious brain drain and disorderly management. In the first quarter 2017, Solomon Islands Plc’s Solvency Report shows that as of the third quarter of 2017, the solvency margin was 195% and the net loss was $ 1.47 million.

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Hebei Handan Wuan detention center murderer with a gun escape? Official response | Prison Break | Armed Police | Detention Center _ Sina News

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Original title: Handan Wu’an prison prisoners with a gun escape? January 24 (Xiaogupa Wang Yajing) January 22, “Wu An detention center jailbreak with a murderer, with a gun, are aware of the” message on the Internet Spread, and equipped with video, aroused the concern of Internet users. January 23, Handan police responded by verified, net rumors message, the video content is actually armed police squadron anti-riot drill.

At 23:22 on January 23, Handan City Network Security Detachment posted an article through the official microblogging “Internet police rumor | Handan Wuan prisoners escape? rumor! “Rumor, and posted armament squadron anti-riot drill situation, said January 22, the unit according to plan to carry out anti-riot drill, drill to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of officers and men will use the hands of the weapons to deal with the simulation. Please give the majority of Internet users to understand and support, please the general public friends do not panic, consciously resist false audio and video.

Editor: Zhang Jade

State Letters and Visits Bureau Shu Xiaoqin: This Year will Explore the Implementation of Network Visits | Petition | Shu Xiaoqin | Secretary_ Sina News

(sinaads = window. sinaads || []). push ({}); <! – The text of the original Beijing News (Reporter Ni Wei) National Conference of petitioners and chiefs January 23 Held in Beijing. Reporter learned from the meeting this year will further promote the reform of petition system, and actively use the Internet, big data and other technical means to enhance the level of petition. At the same time, the work of letters and visits will be actively integrated into the administration of the country according to law and the innovation of social governance so as to speed up the pace of legal construction and professionalization of letters and visits. According to Shu Xiaoqin, deputy secretary general of the State Council and director of the State Bureau of Letters and Visits, in 2017, the reform of the work system for petition letters and the deepening of the legalization of letters and visits have led to the settlement of a large number of prominent petitions. At the same time, the structure of letters and visits was continuously optimized, with letters and visits online up 79.4%. Shu Xiaoqin said that the reform of petitioning system will be further promoted this year, actively integrate into the national strategy for big data and enhance the support for science and technology. For example, the research and development of letters and calls business intelligence support system to help normalize the basic work of letters and visits; the masses through letter, visit, network, electricity and other channels of petitions submitted by petition all the information system to achieve the various departments at all levels and all letters and visits Full coverage, a Netcom. At the same time, openly accept the main body, processes and results on the Internet, push the acceptance information through WeChat, SMS, mobile phone APP, make good use of video access platform, explore the implementation of network visits, research and development of intelligent voice advisory services platform, where conditions permit Install self-service machine, providing round-the-clock, zero distance service. This reporter has learned that following the National Bureau of Letters and Visits issued last year, “according to the law to deal with petitions petition rules”, the full implementation of petition petitions classification according to law, this year will continue to establish and improve the operation mechanism to ensure that administrative agencies in a timely manner to deal with the transfer Petitioned by petitions. At the same time, it will also fully implement the system of separation of litigation and letters and visits, and further improve the docking mechanism between letters and visits and the judiciary and administration. Shu Xiaoqin introduction, the third party to participate in letters and visits to resolve the problem channels will be further expanded so that more “two representatives of a member,” legal workers and veteran party members, veteran cadres, old model workers, social workers and other social forces And professional forces to participate in, to promote the petition matters, especially difficult complex problems to resolve. In addition, the central authorities on the petition work system reform and decision-making arrangements for the implementation of this year’s National Letters and Visits Bureau will organize timely joint inspection.

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Report of Gansu Government on Qilian Mountain ecological destruction to purify the king of the three transported poison | Wang Sanyun | Government Work Report | Yu Haiyan _ Sina News

(sinaads = window. sinaads || []). push ({}); <! – On the 24th of January, Tang Renjian, Governor of Gansu Province, at the 13th People's Congress of the Province, on the 24th of January, The first meeting of the government work report pointed out that the profound lessons drawn from the painful lesson Qilianshan ecological damage, determined to completely rectify the outstanding problems reported by the Central Committee, efforts to strengthen the protection of the ecological environment, and resolutely carry out the construction and maintenance of ecological security in the western barrier Political responsibility.

The government work report shows that the total GDP of Gansu last year reached 767.7 billion yuan. Due to the slow transformation and upgrading of the traditional industrial structure, the insensitivity of enterprises to the market and policies, the tight resource and environment constraints, the large base in previous years and the inaction of some cadres, the GDP growth rate of Gansu was only 3.6% last year. Achieve the expected 7.5% target. Upstream news correspondents noted that the Gansu provincial government work report twice mentioned “to eliminate Wang San Yun, Yu Haiyan et al. Qilian Mountains reflect the ecological damage, give top priority to catch the ecological Qilian Mountains is an important ecological security barrier in western China, is an important source of water flow in the Yellow River Basin, is China’s biological As a priority area for diversity protection, the state approved the establishment of Qilianshan National Nature Reserve in Gansu back in 1988. For a long time, Qilianshan local ecological destruction is very prominent. From February 12 to March 3, 2017, a central inspection team composed of the Central Party Committee and relevant departments of the State Council conducted a special inspection on this issue. In July 2017, the Central Office and the SOE issued a circular on the ecological environment of Qilian Mountain National Nature Reserve in Gansu Province and decided to hold serious accountability against the responsible units and responsible persons. Gansu provincial government in the work report pointed out that Gansu Qilian Mountain National Nature Reserve in the process of rectification of ecological problems in the process of adherence to “solve the problem.” Up to now, the Qilian Mountains ecological environment damage problems rectification achieved initial success, by the Office of the inspection team to visit the research group fully affirmed, Central Environmental Inspectors feedback 46 annual rectification tasks have been fully completed. Tang Renjian said in his government work report that he will profoundly absorb the painful lessons learned from the destruction of the ecological environment in the Qilian Mountains and will make every effort to rectify the prominent problems reported by the Central Government. He will strive to strengthen the protection of the ecological environment and resolutely carry out the construction and maintenance Western ecological security barrier political responsibility.

The government work report pointed out that it will give top priority to environmental protection and governance from one case to another, and make every effort to rectify the problems of nature reserves, focusing on the rectification and reform of 21 national nature reserves to ensure that Time node quality and quantity rectification in place. GDP growth is far from expected last year, the total is less than one trillion yuan.

Upstream news reporter learned that Gansu’s GDP by 2012 Of the 567.5 billion yuan to 767.7 billion yuan in 2017, an average annual increase of 7.8%. Due to the slow transformation and upgrading of traditional industrial structure, the insensitivity of the enterprises to the market and policies, the tight resource and environment constraints, the large base in previous years and the inaction of some cadres and other factors, the impact of last year’s GDP Only 3.6% growth rate, did not complete the expected 7.5% target. In his report, Tang Renjian pointed out that the expected target of Gansu in 2018 is an increase of about 6% of its GDP. “In actual implementation, as long as the economy runs within a reasonable range, it can also be lower; investment in fixed assets increased by 7% , In the actual work to achieve better results. ” These measures include taking major projects as the starting point, expanding reasonable and effective investment, focusing on improving the quality of supply and optimizing the supply structure. The first phase of Lanzhou Urban Rail Transit Line 1 was completed and operated this year; investment promotion Efforts to attract the introduction of a number of the world’s top 500, the top 500, the private top 500 enterprises; with greater efforts to promote “management” and breakthroughs in state-owned enterprise reform. The work report pointed out that there are still 1.89 million poor people in Gansu Province that have not yet escaped poverty. There are 52 districts and counties, and 4 Zhuhua County need to remove their cap. These “hard bones” will be chewed for a limited time in less than three years in the future to ensure that the poor in rural areas will be able to get out of poverty by 2020, all poverty-stricken counties will remove their heads and solve the overall poverty in the region. This year, Gansu wants to ensure that more than 650,000 poor people are out of poverty, 10 districts and counties, 3 Zhuhua County apply for removal of cap, and implement the poverty alleviation and relocation of 189,000 people, of which 15.9 Million people. Two to mention “to eliminate Wang San Yun, Yu Haiyan and others of the poisonous and influence”

The upstream news reporter noticed that the Gansu provincial government work report twice And “eliminate the San Yun, Yu Haiyan and others of the poison and influence.”

In April 2017, when Gansu Provincial Party Committee Secretary tuneHe was appointed as deputy director of the National Health, Culture, Science and Technology Committee of the National People’s Congress. In July, he was immediately arrested and was opened in September. In his briefing, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said: “As a member of the Central Committee, Wang Sanyun, who lost his ideals and beliefs, seriously violated party discipline and was suspected of committing crimes and criminals and still did not converge after the 18th CPC National Congress, Hand, bad nature, serious plot, seriously polluting the political ecology of Gansu Province, seriously undermining the party’s cause and image, should be dealt with severely. “

Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the television feature film” Inspecting the Sword, “the third set In “The Deterrence of Constant,” it was disclosed that Wang Sanyun “itself has the problem of corruption. He must not dare to touch the ground in his work, resulting in some major decisions of the Central Government not being implemented in Gansu.”

The most typical case is the ecological protection of the Qilian Mountains. The central leadership made many important instructions on many occasions. However, Gansu Province did not really implement it. At the end of 2016, the Central Inspectorate stationed in Gansu carried out a tour of “looking back” and found that Wang Sanyun, acting as secretary of the provincial party committee, ostensibly took the initiative and did not really pay attention to and act on the environmental problems in the Qilian Mountains.

Also in 2016, the Central Inspectorate “looked back”, the former Standing Committee of Gansu Provincial Party Committee and former Vice Governor Yu Haiyan was taken away. According to media reports, Wang Sanyun was questioned by Yu Haiyan case pull out, Wang Sanyun due to a piece of land to make a lot of trouble, this piece is a good relationship with his boss developed, Yu Haiyan was Lanzhou municipal party committee, gave the convenience. On the issue of Yu Haiyan, Wang Sanyun has been keeping an eye on one eye, and reporting on Yu Haiyan has been clutching with pressure.

In June 2017, Yu Haiyan was “doubly open” and transferred to the judiciary.

Upstream news trainee reporter Yang Rui

Editor: Zhang Yu

After the Nineteenth Congress, the First Central Political Work Meeting Delivers Six New Signals | Property Rights | Politics and Law Work Conferences | Sina News

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Original Title: The Sixth National Congress of the Political and Legal Work for the First Time Sends Six New Signals

↑ Chart: Promoting a New Memorabilia in Politics and Law Work in the New Era – First Central Political and Legal Work after the 19th National Congress Xinhua News Agency reporters Shi Eke preparation

Changes in the main social conflicts, political and legal areas to reflect the “four changes”

party Clearly pointed out that the major social contradictions in our society have been transformed into the contradictions between the growing needs of a better life and unbalanced development. In response to this important conclusion, the meeting pointed out: In the field of politics and law, the people’s growing good life needs to be reflected in the “four changes”:

– From the realization of the basic material culture Need to move toward the synchronization of high-grade material and cultural life changes; from the realization of external material and cultural needs to synchronize the pursuit of spiritual and mental satisfaction change, not only hope that personal rights, property rights are not violated, but also look forward to personal dignity, emotion Get more respect, privacy, reputation, honor and other personal rights are effectively protected;

– from focusing on real security to the pursuit of long-term peace and stability shift, the strict enforcement of justice have higher requirements; p>

– From purely individual beneficiaries to the synchronous pursuit of participation in social change, pay more attention to the common prosperity of the public participation in social affairs. “The changes in the major social conflicts in the new era highlight the people’s growing demand for democratic rule of law, the demand for the quality of the rule of law, the expectation of fairness and justice, the legal dependence on security, and the good people Almost all of the incremental needs of life are directly related to democracy and the rule of law, “said Zhang Wenxian, vice president of the China Law Society. Zhang Wenxian said that major social contradictions have changed and many new requirements have been put forward on the work of political and legal work. On the basis of continuing to push forward the development, efforts should be made to solve the problem of inadequate unbalanced development of the quality of the rule of law and greatly enhance the quality And benefits to better promote people’s all-round development and make all-round social progress. More than 50 years ago, cadres and masses in Zhejiang Fengqiao created a “relying on the masses to go to the ground.”

Resolve the contradictions, “the” Maple Bridge experience “, and continue to give its new connotation according to changes in the situation. Meeting requirements, to sum up the promotion of a new era of “Fengqiao experience” as an opportunity to upgrade the level of urban and rural social governance modernization.

– Adhere to the people as the center, and promote the formation of a new pattern of social governance for co-governance.

– Adhere to the principle of good governance and promote innovation in urban and rural grass-roots social governance. Mode;

– Adhere to prevention as the starting point to build a new system of integrated prevention and control of social risk;

– adhere to the party building as a guide, build a new line of social harmony and stability. The past experience of Fengqiao emphasizes mobilizing and relying on the masses and resolving the contradictions on the spot, and settling on the spot. With the development of the times, it is now emphasized that the party and government should rely on the masses and prevent disputes to resolve conflicts and maintain Stabilizing and promoting development, both in the past and the present, are the party’s mass line and the people-centered philosophy, “said Liu Ren-wen, director of the Criminal Law Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Xu Hanming, a professor at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, believes that we must firmly grasp the people-centered core essence of “Fengqiao Experience” and promote socialization, legalization, intelligence and specialization of social governance so as to build a common governance for common governance Social management pattern.

The meeting also specifically proposed to summarize the promotion of “online maple bridge experience” and pushMoved social intelligence and public opinion on the Internet, resolved contradictions and disputes online, aggregated positive energy online, and tried to make social governance move from one-way management to two-way interaction, from offline to online and off-line, and from purely departmental supervision to social coordination. Liu Renwen believes that the “era of Fengqiao experience” in the new era should not only be implemented in “real space” but also in “cyberspace.” For example, in the fields of cracking down on and preventing telecommunications fraud and other new types of crimes, we have explored the solution to conflicts and disputes at the grass-roots level and used network technologies of interconnection and interoperability to solve specific problems in reality. Emphasize that “improve the property rights protection mechanism” to enhance entrepreneurial confidence

“Pay more attention to perfecting the property rights protection mechanism to promote the market players to establish a permanent heart, increase confidence.” This is an important signal revealed by the meeting. Meeting pointed out that earnestly safeguard the entrepreneur’s personal rights, property rights, personality rights. We should prevent criminal law enforcement from intervening in economic disputes, excessive property oversight and property coercion, and excessive property penalties. Xu Hanming said that in order to realize the legal effect of law enforcement and handling, law and order authorities need to update the concept of law enforcement, change the style of law enforcement, improve the law enforcement style and improve the quality and level of law enforcement and handling the weaknesses and problems in current property rights protection And the political effect, the social effect of the organic unity. By the end of 2017, the Supreme People’s Court announced that the People’s Court will rehear the case of three major property-related cases involving Zhang Wenzhong, Gu Chujun, Li Meilan and Chen Jiarong and Xu Ronghua in accordance with the law so that people can truly feel that the CPC Central Committee has perfected property rights Protection system, the firm determination of protecting property rights according to law.

“One case is worth a dozen documents.” The meeting proposed that we should pay close attention to screening and correcting a number of socially-mediated property rights disputes, to further stabilize social expectations and enhance entrepreneurial confidence. “This is conducive to establishing a concept of” perseverance among the permanent producers “in the whole society.” Liu Renwen said: “To enhance social confidence in fair justice and to promote the parties concerned and the handling organs according to law Will have a good demonstration effect. “

Constructing” system of misconduct litigation with Chinese characteristics “

The litigation system reform as an important component of the judicial system reform Part is the only way to optimize the allocation of judicial resources and improve the quality and efficiency of the judiciary. At present, our country is carrying out criminal cases of pleading guilty and punishing lenient penalties in 18 cities. After the trial expired in September this year, it was necessary to summarize the pilot experience in a timely manner, promote the revision of relevant laws such as the Criminal Procedure Law, and establish a system of misdemeanor litigation with Chinese characteristics. “Under the premise of safeguarding judicial fairness, more efforts should be made to improve the judicial efficiency.” Wang Haiyan, vice president of the Criminal Justice College of China University of Political Science and Law, said that in order to solve the problem of limited judicial resources and ever-increasing The contradictions between litigation cases require that justice and efficiency be unified at a higher level. In the reform of civil litigation system, the meeting proposed to promote the diversification of ways to resolve disputes, improve the matching mechanism of litigation, explore pilot programs for the mediation of preemptive procedures, conduct trial trials for lawyers, leverage the litigation fee system, Guide more civil and commercial disputes to be handled in a non-vindication manner.

The meeting also proposed deepening civil and commercial court trial reform, to explore the combination of court investigation and court debate, to further enhance the judicial efficiency. “Through theoretical innovations at the theoretical level and through the practice of reform pilots, some mature and scientific reform experiences have risen to law to build and perfect the litigation system with Chinese characteristics,” said Wang Haiyan.

Normative, unfair and uncivilized issues prevent public power from undermining the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security.

It is necessary to conduct a nationwide large-scale inspection of law enforcement justice. Wang Haiyan said that political and legal organs should follow the rule of law and uphold the people-oriented concept of law enforcement so as to strive strictly in accordance with legal procedures in every aspect of judicial enforcement so that the people can feel fairness in every law enforcement and judicial case justice.

The meeting also proposed that efforts should be made to create a just, transparent and predictable environment for the rule of law. Pay more attention to improving law enforcement and judicial methods. Wang Haiyan pointed out that improving the judicial enforcement methods and ensuring the strict, standardized, fair and civilized judicial enforcement methods are important measures and guarantees to enhance the credibility of law enforcement and judicial civilization. Specifically, we must deepen the reform of the law enforcement power operating mechanism, and gradually establish a complete law enforcement system, a standardized law enforcement system, a systematic law enforcement management system, a practical law enforcement training system, and a strong law enforcement Ensure the system and promote the standardization of law enforcement to upgrade the file. “Wang Haiyan said.

The meeting pointed out that we must carry out major social stability and risk prevention and mitigation special action, and strive to find that early in the prevention In the first place, the disposal was small, ensuring the overall social stability. “Financial risk is one of the most prominent major risks now.” Meeting requirements, we must give full play to the functions of the function, the investigation and resolution of the stakeholder-type economic crimes, risk recovery, recovery of stolen goods and safeguarding stability Together, prevent the occurrence of secondary risks. The meeting deployed to carry out special operations, investigate and punish economic crimes in areas such as finance, taxation, capital markets, social livelihood and other areas, focusing on cracking down on economic crimes such as illegal fund-raising, online pyramid selling, insider trading and other crimes, and resolutely punish illegal acts activity.

Professor Sun Guoxiang of Nanjing University School of Law pointed out that in recent years, with the development of the Internet, illegal economic fund-raising and other means of involving economic crimes have been continuously renovated and are extremely concealed and deceptive. Once spread, it will have a tremendous impact on the financial system and even social stability, seriously affecting the real economy. Sun Guoxiang suggested that relevant departments should strengthen the monitoring and early warning, comprehensive use of various means to actively check and resolve potential risks of financial risks, strengthen the construction of the weak links in the system to build a system of recovery of stolen goods, while actively respond to people’s livelihood Appeal, strengthen the general public’s financial law work.

Editor: Zhang Yan