Gong Ming Ren Tianjin Procuratorate Secretary of the party | High Procuratorate | Municipal Party Committee | Party Secretary _ Sina News

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Original title: Gong Ming served as party secretary of Tianjin People’s Procuratorate

<img src = "http://n.sinaimg.cn/news/transform/w550h343/20180120/roxk-fyqtwzv0719859 "Recently, the Tianjin Municipal People's Government held a meeting of leading cadres to announce the decision of the municipal party committee on the adjustment of party committees of the municipal government and the palace Ming Comrade Tianjin Municipal People's Procuratorate party secretary. Zhao Fei, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Politics and Law Committee of the municipal party committee, attended the meeting and made a speech. He spoke highly of and fully affirmed the work done by the party group of the municipal procuratorate headed by Comrade Shi Ping, pointing out that this adjustment is The CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and the High Procuratorate Party Group attach great importance and deep concern to the party group construction of the Procuratorate and the procuratorial work of the city. They emphasize that we should unite our ideological understanding with the decisions made by the municipal party committees, raise political positions, strengthen political responsibility, work diligently and continuously Create a new situation in the city's prosecutorial work. First, we must resolutely support the municipal decision. The procuratorial organs in the city should strongly advocate politics, stress party spirit, talk about the overall situation and stress their positions, resolutely support them and resolutely implement them so that the central government will be reassured and reassured the municipal party committee. Second, we must always adhere to political command. We must always uphold the party's absolute leadership and overall leadership over procuratorial work, further strengthen the self-construction of party organizations in the procuratorate, and resolutely implement the requirements of strictly administering the party. Third, we must continue to push forward the new development of procuratorial work. We must fulfill the prosecutorial functions entrusted by the Constitution and laws, serve the overall interests and promote development, crack down on crimes and ensure stability, strengthen supervision and fairness, uphold the authority of the tree of law and order, and truly create a procuratorial team with excellent political conditions, strong capabilities, and assured the party and the people. Municipal People's Congress deputy director, Municipal Organization Department Deputy Minister Liang Baoming announced the Municipal Procuratorate Party Secretary on the adjustment of the decision, and introduced the new party secretary Comrade Mi Ming about the situation. Comrade Yu Shih-ping said that resolutely backing the decision of the Central Government on deployment and the appointment arrangements for the party committees of the municipal party committee and the high-ranking prosecutors will voluntarily introduce to Comrade Gong Ming a good hand in delivering the work. He demanded that the city's third-level procuratorial organs, leading cadres at all levels, all procuratorates and political posts should be elevated to unify their thinking and deployment with the decision-making arrangements of the party committees of the central government, the municipal party committee and the high-tech inspection institutes and comprehensively and sincerely support Comrade Gong Ming's work in a comprehensive and sincere manner Report each other's work well, conscientiously do a good job in all aspects of the current work, make in-depth preparations for the work of the new year, take concrete actions, and work hard for Comrade Gong Ming to familiarize himself with the situation, enter the role as soon as possible, fulfill his duties, create conditions and make contributions, And I wish the city's procuratorial work in Comrade Miyamong squad leader of the Municipal Procuratorate party under the leadership of new performance. Comrade Gong Ming said that during the period when Comrade Yu Shibing was the Attorney General, the procuratorate organs in Tianjin had achieved remarkable success in all aspects of their work, especially when handling the major cases handled by the Central Government. They had a high reputation throughout the country and won the approval of the Central Government Leadership and high hospital affirmation. In the next step, we must be firm in our conviction and strong in politics. They are highly consistent in their ideological and political actions with the party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, and resolutely completed the tasks assigned by the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Central Committee and the Shanghai High Commissioner's Procuratorate. Second, we must bear in mind the responsibility, dare to play. With practical work, unite and lead the City Procuratorate party group and the city prosecutors and police officers to do a good job. Three to do for the people, diligent and pragmatic. Adhere to the "one post double responsibility", assume a good main responsibility. Fourth, we must be strict with ourselves and be exemplary. We must conscientiously implement the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Government and do our utmost to stop it.

Zu Wenguang, deputy secretary of the Municipal Politics and Law Committee presided over the meeting. Gao Xingyuan, deputy director of the Political Department of Guo Xingwang attended the meeting, the municipal government and the first and second branches of the leading group members, municipal deputy director level above cadres attended the meeting.

Source: WeChat public number “Tianjin People’s Procuratorate”

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Chongqing Municipal Committee Mo Gong Ming Ren Wanzhou District Party Secretary (Photo / CV) | Wanzhou | Chongqing | Mo Gongming _ Sina News

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Original title: Chongqing Municipal Committee Mo Gong Ming Ming Ren Wanzhou District Party Secretary Du Heping no longer serve (Figure | Resume)

Economic Daily – Beijing on January 23 According to Chongqing “Wanzhou Times” reported that January 22, Wanzhou District Standing Committee held a meeting to study and implement the spirit of the Second Plenary Session of the Ninth. Municipal Committee, Party Secretary Mo Gongming presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

The above report shows that the new Chongqing Municipal Committee Mo Gongming served as secretary of Wanzhou District. According to China Economic Net local party and government leaders database information, Mo Gong Ming, born in September 1962, has long been working in Guangxi Autonomous Region, served as secretary general of Guangxi Autonomous Region Government, March 2017 Ren Yulin party secretary, the same year in June He was promoted to standing committee of Guangxi Party Committee; Du Heping, born in June 1963, served as a standing committee member of Chongqing Municipal Committee and secretary of Wanzhou District Party Committee and has recently assumed office in Heilongjiang Province.

Mo Congming Resume & nbsp;

<img src = "http://n.sinaimg.cn/translate/w226h300/20180123/wEVd-fyqwiqi6659663.jpg Male, Han nationality, born in September 1962, Guangxi Cenxi people, in January 1988 to join the Chinese Communist Party, in July 1983 to participate in the work, Guangxi University Business School in-service postgraduate politics Graduated from economics, working graduate education, master of public administration, senior engineer.

1979.09-1983.07 Changsha Jiaotong University Department of Civil Engineering port and waterway engineering learning

1983.07-1984.08 Guangxi Wuzhou Waterway Management Service Technician

1984.08-1985.03 Guangxi fairway

1985.03-1987.04 Assistant Engineer, Guangxi Xijiang Shipping Construction Contracting Company

1987.04-1989.08 Deputy Director, Quality Supervision Station, Guangxi Xijiang Shipping Construction & Engineering Administration


1989.08-1991.08 Guangxi Xijiang Shipping Construction Project Management Bureau Assistant Director, Chief Financial Planning Section

1991.08-1998.08 Guangxi Water Transport Infrastructure Authority deputy director

1998.08-1998.09 Guangxi Autonomous region Guigang Shipping Hub Management Office Director 1998.09-1999.09 Guangxi Autonomous Region Development Planning Commission deputy director (probationary period of one year), party members

1999.09-2002.12 Guangxi Autonomous Region Development Planning Commission deputy director , Party members (2000.01 concurrently the seventh Guangxi Youth League Vice Chairman) (1997.09-1999.12 in Guangxi University Business School postgraduate political economics professional learning; 2001.09-2001.11 in the wide Autonomous regions and municipal Party schools and prefectural level leading cadres to learn classes) 2002.12-2008.01 Guangxi Laibin Municipal Committee, deputy mayor, deputy secretary of the municipal party group (during which: 2003.10-2004.01 in the Chinese Foreign Affairs University No. 3 2005.02-2006.02 Master of Public Administration (MPA) at Singapore Nanyang Technological University; 2007.08 Hired by Guangxi University as Master Instructor of Public Administration with a term of three years)

2008.01-2008.02 Guangxi Fangchenggang Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary 2008.02-2008.03 Guangxi Fangchenggang Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor, Acting Mayor, Municipal People’s Government Party Secretary

2008.03 Guangxi

Party Secretary of the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Member of the Party Group, Secretary of the Party Group

2016.08 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Secretary of the people’s government, member of the party group, party secretary and director of the office

2017.03 Yulin party secretary

2017.05 Yulin party secretary People’s Congress Chairman

2017.06 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party Committee, Yulin Municipal Committee, Municipal People’s Congress Chairman

2018.01 Chongqing Municipal Committee, Party Secretary of Wanzhou.

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He transferred from the central enterprises into the ministries did not planted 3 years ago the original leadership was downgraded last year | Zhang Xiwu | Wang Xiaolin | National Energy Administration _ Sina News

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Central Commission for Discipline Inspection on the 23rd Early in the morning to work. At nine o’clock, the release of the National Energy Administration Wang Xiaolin, deputy director of the news of the fall. Wang Xiaolin 54 years old this year, four deputy director of the first, has been working for the National Energy Agency for two and a half years. He spent more of his career in Shenhua Group, up to 20 years. In August 2015, he was transferred to the Energy Bureau as deputy general manager and party member of Shenhua Group Co., Ltd., as secretary of the board of directors and concurrently as executive director and senior vice president of China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd. Political Circle (WeChat ID: Wepolitics) noticed that before he fell, he had disappeared into public view for 12 days. After the 18th CPC National Congress launched a vigorous campaign against corruption, officials and senior executives of both government and enterprises have been dismantled. Zhang Xiwu, former chairman of Shenhua Group Co., Ltd., sacked in June 2017. Following the “post-quake” of 2013 and 2014, the National Energy Administration once again received an official investigation. In the immediate organs of Commission for Discipline Inspection, the party branch proclaim the career of Wang Xiaolin 1983 from Beijing Mining Bureau Yang Tuo loft technical staff, Assistant engineer started, then enter Huaneng Clean Coal Co., Ltd. work. Shenhua Group in 1995 to work, a dry 20 years, vice president of production gradually promoted to group vice president. After transferred to the National Energy Administration, he is in charge of the General Affairs Department, the Coal Division, the Personnel Department, the Party Committee directly under the authority, the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Information Center, the Agency Service Center and the CLP Media directly under the authority. Also responsible for open government affairs. Because of Wang Xiaolin’s long experience of serving in the enterprise, at the very beginning of his transfer to the Energy Bureau, Wepolitics noticed that he was expected by the outside world to bring new strength to the quagmire of the coal industry .

In his more than two years after the work, although a lot of charge, but most of the disclosure is also related to coal.

National Energy Administration official website on the 11th last disclosed his news. Wang Xiaolin visited the provinces of Hunan, Jiangxi and Hubei from January 2 to January 5 to investigate the coal production capacity and supply. He also made two trips in the last month of 2017. From November 30 to December 1, Wang Xiaolin attended the opening session of the China-US Coal Clean Development Forum in the United States in 2017 and followed the opening remarks From December 2 to 4, he led a delegation to Brazil and met with the Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy of Brazil.

November 15, Wang Xiaolin was in the ” China Power Daily “published a report on the experience of learning the 19th report, the last paragraph of which mentioned” to protect the clean. ” We must profoundly draw lessons from the corruption cases in our bureau, always tighten the integrity of this string, and ensure the safety of party members and cadres.

Now look back, once again unlimited sigh. Everyone should remember that after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China took over the anti-corruption campaign under the Central Government, the energy system, Including the government and enterprises, many people are being investigated.

Recently, it has been related to Shenhua Group Company and appeared in June 2017. According to the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhang Xiwu, former deputy party secretary and deputy director of the SASAC, was severely violated discipline and was dismissed from the party’s position and administrative dismissal, and was reduced to a non-leadership position at the departmental level.

Another position for Zhang Xiwu is the former Chairman of Shenhua Group Company.

Zhang Xiwu another position is the former Chairman of Shenhua Group Company. Politics circle (WeChat ID: wepolitics) found the end of 2014 Central Inspectorate stationed Shenhua Group. At that time, the Central Inspection Unit conducted a special inspection of more than 60 units in 5 batches. In the inspection group of 60 feedback, Shenhua Group, the wording of the heaviest, and Zhang Xiwu just transferred less than 1 year.

Wang Xiaolin is Zhang Xiwu subordinates. Not only the Shenhua Group, one is the chairman of the board, the other is the deputy general manager. They are also subordinate to China Shenhua Energy AG, part-time two of them, one is the chairman, the other is the senior vice president and then to the executive director.

In addition, Shenhua Group in December 2014,Before and after the Central Inspectorate was stationed, four senior executives were inspected, including Zhang Wenjiang, former general manager of Shenhua Group Company, former director Hua Huaqiao of China Shenhua Energy Company, former director of Safety Supervision Bureau of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Mining Group Co., Ltd. Liu Baolong, Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. Safety Supervision Bureau former party secretary Niu Jinzhong.

In June 2015, there were another former senior vice president of Shenhua Group Co., Ltd., Hao Gui, who was killed. In 2013 May, Liu Tienan, former deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, sacked. That same time, he just retired as director of the National Energy Agency for two months. After a year or so of its investigation, the National Energy Administration official “earthquake” in May 2014 and June, has sometimes served as director of the National Energy Board nuclear power Hao Weiping, deputy director of the Department of Coal Wei Pengyuan, Xu Yongsheng, deputy director of the National Energy Administration, Wang Jun, director of the New Energy and Renewable Energy Department, Liang Bo, deputy director of the Electric Power Division, and others were inspected. One of the most famous is Wei Pengyuan, deputy director of the Coal Division, which owns 200 million cash in the home. The earthquake also affected the relevant departments of the National Development and Reform Commission cadres, such as the NDRC Price Secretary Cao Changqing former director of the National Development and Reform Commission Price Department deputy inspector Guo Jianying in August 2014, September has been taken Take the survey. After the “earthquake” subsided for a year, Wang Xiaolin was transferred to the National Energy Administration. After the entire leadership team of the Bureau of Energy was “swaggering” and running smoothly for several years, officials again fell.

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Cangzhou, Hebei warehouse wall covering the adjacent company caused the death of 3 death | blue sky green | rescue | aftercare _ Sina News

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<img src = "http://n.sinaimg.cn/news /transform/w550h285/20180123/Y4Fp-fyqwiqi7379676.jpg "alt =" "data-mcesrc =" http://n.sinaimg.cn/translate/w600h311/20180123/gMyb-fyqwiqi7369178.jpg "data-mceselected =" 1 Canal People's Government of Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, January 23 through the announcement of the official WeChat public domain "Canal Broadcast" release circular, January 22, 2018 at 6:15 pm Cangzhou canal area Wangzhuang town Baizhuangzi North a stored fly ash warehouse pile heap, resulting in the collapse of the southern wall of the warehouse, smashing pressure and cover the south of Cangzhou Lai Sun Blue Sky Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. housing, 3 Celebrity trapped. After receiving the report, the city and district levels quickly organized rescue forces to arrive at the scene to carry out the rescue. As at 1:25 on the 23rd, three trapped staff have been found, confirmed by the hospital died. No secondary disaster occurred on site.

At present, accident investigation work has been started, the people involved have been controlled, and the aftermath is being fully implemented.

Source: Canal Broadcasting

Editor: Zhang Yu

Spring return train tickets now on sale of these matters should pay attention | Train | Spring Festival | Jianlou _ Sina News

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Original title: Remind | Today, Spring Festival return train tickets for sale! These matters should pay attention to

February 21, the New Year’s Day, the focus of passengers return the highest peak. Today, the sixth train for sale. Return ticket need to pay attention to what? The earliest sale time is the same? Did not buy a ticket, how to “leak”? Stamp ↓ are here, known for proliferation!

Source: CCTV News WeChat

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Xu Dongxing confirmed as deputy headmaster of Wuhan University | Wuhan University | Vice-Chancellor | Target_ Sina News

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Investigation object publicity

According to “the party and government leading cadres selection and appointment Working Regulations “,” Provisional Regulations on the Management of Leading Staffs in Institutions “and” Provisional Measures for the Management of University Leading Staffs, “considering the recommendations for democratization and job requirements, the study determined that Comrade Xu Dongxing was the deputy party secretary and vice principal of Wuhan University, Comrade Li Ziyuan for the vice president of Wuhan University investigation object, is now publicized.

Xu Dongxing data map Xu Dongxing data diagram

Xu Dongxing, male, born in December 1973 (44 years old), member of the Communist Party of China, in 1995 July to work in Wuhan University, Marxism theory and ideological and political education professional master’s degree graduate, associate researcher. Current Wuhan University Party and government office director. Li Ziyuan, male, born in November 1964 (53 years old), member of the Communist Party of China, took part in the work in July 1987 and graduated as an in-service doctor of law major of Wuhan University, researcher. The current Wuhan University Finance Minister.

Ministry of Personnel Division inspection team scheduled for January 23 to study. The inspection team will conscientiously perform its work procedures and solicit opinions from all walks of life through a series of individual talks, suggestion boxes, supervision calls and so on. They will have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the moral, energy, hard-working, performance and integrity of the study subjects and earnestly implement the cadre division Right to health, right to participation, right to choose and supervise. Suggestion box: School of Arts and Sciences school union office building, Engineering Administration Building, Information Science Building, Teaching Building, Medical Administration Building. Supervisory Phone: Personnel Division, Ministry of Education (010) 66097538

Personnel Division, Ministry of Education

January 22, 2018

Editor: Guiqiang

Navy 3 Major General Lvxin: the same as the fleet commander 1 person 4 years five change mentor | Major General | Navy | South China Sea Fleet | Sina News

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Original title: Rear Admiral of the Navy’s 3 First Line Corps, Commander of the Fleet.

Source: Governor of Chang’an Avenue


Recently, the Navy ushers in a new round of generals readjustments and three major generals have already taken office. Among them, the Rear Admiral Li Yujie, Rear Admiral of the Navy, served as Commander of the North Sea Fleet. Formerly the commander of the North Theater and the commander of the North Sea Fleet, Major General Zhang Wendian has been transferred to the chief of staff of the Navy. In addition, Lieutenant General Zhou Xu Ming, deputy commander of the South China Sea Fleet, will be transferred to the Navy’s equipment department. Chang’an Avenue governor (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) found that these three major generals have long served in the Navy’s three fleets. Major General Li Yujie, born in December 1962, joined the Navy in September 1981 and graduated from Dalian Naval Academy and Naval Academy of Naval Sciences. After graduating from the concept of long, communications staff, frigates, deputy commander, destroyer deputy captain. Li Yujie is the first generation of knowledge-based captains trained by our military officers and the first destroyer captain who successfully completed his missions around the world. According to “China National Defense Daily” reported that in December 2000, 38-year-old Li Yujie was appointed as the new missile destroyers captain since then, Li Yujie embarked on a bold reform and training methods, the implementation of the whole system of one ship Training and strengthening the systematic concept and coordination awareness of officers and soldiers of the entire ship. During his time as captain, he simplified 38 passwords and corrected more than 20 corresponding actions. Among the reform training methods, 16 papers written by Li Yujie were published in the newspapers inside and outside the army, and the revised “Regulations on the Value of Warships” published in the Navy. There were also 18 new battles Question. From 2012 onwards, Li Yujie removed a number of naval positions, served as deputy chief of staff of the North Sea Fleet, navy, Shanghai Water District commander, Dean of the Dalian Naval Academy, South China Sea Fleet chief of staff, May 2016 As a member of the Standing Committee of the Navy’s Party Committee and Logistics Department, he now returns to the fleet again. Li Yujie’s predecessor, former naval commander of the northern theater, commander of the North Sea Fleet, Major General Zhang Wendian, served as director of the South China Sea Fleet Naval Training Center, navy speedboat 26th detachment, deputy chief of staff of the South China Sea Fleet Other positions. During his time as deputy chief of staff of the South China Sea Fleet, Zhang Wudan, as the fifth batch of naval commanders in the escort mission to the Gulf of Aden to the Gulf of Aden, led the officers and men through 192 days and nights with a range of 92,495 nautical miles , Completed a total of 41 batches of 588 Chinese and foreign ships escort mission. On their way back to China, the formation also visited four countries including Egypt, Italy, Greece and Myanmar, and docked Singapore. The convoy’s first single-ship hidden navigational space was created to escort the sea. The naval vessel maneuver commander was first realized. The value More official implementation of bilingual command and many other records. In four years, Zhang Wendun has been newly renovated five times, in March 2014, he served as chief of staff of the South China Sea Fleet, then served as deputy commander of the South China Sea Fleet, deputy chief of staff in the southern theater, naval commander in the northern theater, North Sea Fleet Commander. Today, he succeeds Qiuyan Peng Lieutenant General as naval chief of staff. It should be noted that, Qiuyan Peng had also served as Commander of the North Sea Fleet. Zhou Hsueh-ming, just appointed as Minister of the Navy’s Armaments Department, was born in 1962 and spent most of his military career in the submarine for more than 30 years. He led the ministry to create the farthest and the longest one of its submarines , The ultimate deep dive and dozens of records. Zhou Xu Ming has served as a submarine detachment of the East China Sea Fleet navy, deputy chief of staff of the East China Sea Fleet, the twelfth batch of naval escort formation commander. In the September 3, 2015 Anti-Japanese War Victory Day military parade, when the deputy commander of the North Sea Fleet Zhou Xu Ming as naval shore ship missile team leader, then was transferred to the South China Sea Fleet as deputy commander. From May 8 to May 22, 2017, Zhou Xuming led a delegation of the Chinese navy to Singapore for the 6th Joint Naval Symposium on Multi-lateral Maritime Naval Symposium, the International Fleet Review of the 50th Anniversary of Singapore’s Navy and the “2017” International Fleet Review. Asian International Maritime Defense Exhibition “ships open ports and other activities in the port phase. In recent years, the reform and construction of our military has always focused on combat effectiveness, which is both the core function of the army and the mission as well. The 19-party party’s report once again stressed that all military work must adhere to the standard of combat effectiveness, be able to fight and win the battle of focus. Commanders have always been the core of military operations and are the leaders of actual combat training. Their ability, strength and weakness usually affect the direction and effect of training. In the wartime they affected the direction and outcome of the war, Can not tolerate slack. Against this background, a large number of war-type commanders who are determined to win and who can make good fights come to the fore and take the key positions to take on the task of becoming a strong army.

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Wang Zu Lan and gambling king of children He Qunqi was elected member of Guangxi CPPCC | Wang Zu LAN | CPPCC members | Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region _ Sina News

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Original title: Hong Kong artist Wong Cho Lam, son of the gambling king He Qirui was elected member of the CPPCC Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

[Wang Zu Lan was elected member of the CPPCC Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region! ] Guangxi Daily News announced the 26th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Committee of the Eleventh CPPCC National Committee, passed the list of members of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Committee (the list of new CPPCC members) of the 12th session of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference held in Guangxi and 683 Members. Among the 103 invited specialists, Hong Kong accounted for 55, including Hong Kong artist Wong Cho Lam. Wang Zu Lan was elected member of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region CPPCC National Committee, the list also has ‘Toy King’ Tsai Chi-tsung son of Tsai, Wang Ho Stanley Ho Ho Kai Kai, Neway Group Xue Jialin.

Source: Southern Morning Post

Editor: Zhang Yiling

Interpretation of China on World China Daily “New Era Lecture” Officially Launched | China Daily | Central Propaganda Department | Historians _ Sina News

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Original title : Interpretation of China’s World China Daily “New Era Lecture” Officially Launched

On the evening of January 22, 2018, the first phase of the China Daily, “New Era in My Eyes” Lecture “was held at the University of International Business and Economics. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, a world famous scholar and expert on China issues, Andrew Moody, the chief contributor to China Daily Overseas, and” Perspectives “section of China International TV Station, reporter Liu As a guest speaker to share a new era in their eyes and on-site more than 500 spectators and friends at home and abroad.

State Council Information Office Guo Weimin, deputy director, Zhou Shunchun, chief editor of China Daily, Jiang Qingzhe, party secretary of the University of International Business and Economics, Zhao Jianguo, director of the International Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, Zhang Jianmin, director of the Department of Translation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and some ambassadors to China were invited to attend the event . Guo Weimin, deputy director of the State Council Information Office, said: “The New Era Lecture Hall” is an innovative project of China Daily to tell the world a good story of China and spread the good Chinese voice. This is a new act of externally demonstrating China’s new atmosphere in the new era.

China Daily In his opening remarks, editor-in-chief Zhou Shuchun said that China Daily founded the “New Era of Lecture”, paid tribute to the new era, embraced the new era, explained the new era and spread a new era. It will always focus on the development of China and the world and explore the Chinese story. World significance and share China’s experience with the world, China’s wisdom and China’s plan to promote the common development of China and the rest of the world.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn said China has entered a new era full of changes, opportunities and challenges. Under President Xi Jinping, China has set a blueprint for the development of all key areas and defined the scope for China’s domestic development and participation in the international community over the next 30 years and beyond by the middle of this century.The new direction of affairs. “When historians of the future look back on the long development of China, they may label the age in which we live: a period of great change that opened the door to a new era.”

<img src = "http: //n.sinaimg .cn / news / transform / w550h412 / 20180123 / 9Z8J-fyqwiqi7422600.jpg "alt =" "data-mcesrc =" http://china.chinadaily.com.cn/img/attachement/jpg/site1/20180122/180373daf1a91bd04f2338. Andrew Moody explains the world impact and significance of China's entry into a new era, as well as overseas communities Response to China entering a new era He said that when China enters a new era, it will be an important turning point in the history of the world. A new, more confident China is making strides toward the world and will play an even more important role in pushing forward the construction of a global governance system.

The experience of being an external communication worker and the mission in a new era. She said that when China entered a new era, it fully proved the correctness of China’s development path and demonstrated China’s road confidence, theoretical confidence, system self-confidence and cultural self-confidence. She also made her more determined in her self-confidence of basing itself on China’s practice and stressing the story of China. Emboldened.

Lecture concludes After Jiang Qingzhe, party secretary of the University of International Business and Economics, said in an interview, “Lecture Hall of the New Era” is a very good idea, a new form, and three experts tell from different angles. China and the world that guide college students to correctly understand the new era have Important positive meaning The first phase of the Lecture Hall was jointly organized by China Daily and the University of International Business and Economics, and is the latest achievement made by both parties in jointly building a school and a school. Each session of the Lecture Hall selects the Chinese themes of world significance. Through the exchange of opinions between renowned opinion leaders both at home and abroad and the audiences, taking full advantage of China Daily’s international media platform, responding to the world’s concern over hot issues and major claims in China, Spread China, affect the world. ”

Source: China Daily Net

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Hefei, Anhui Province will again welcome the rain and snow freezing weather partial snow or over 40 cm | to guard against | bus station | Wangjiang _ Sina News

(sinaads = window. sinaads || []). push ({}); <! – The text of the original title: Hefei, Anhui will then welcome the rain and snow frozen snow or more than 40 cm local

Beijing Express (Reporter Lu Tong intern Yan Yiyi) Following January After heavy snowfall on the 3rd led to a disaster, Hefei, Anhui Province will continue to welcome the continued freezing snow and freezing weather. Today, the Hefei Municipal Government Information Office official WeChat issued a notice saying that from January 24 to January 28, Hefei City will once again witness the continuous rain and snow and freezing weather, requiring all localities and departments in the city to make preventive measures. The circular said the meteorological department forecast, by the strong cold air, January 24 to 28 Hefei will continue to rain and snow freezing weather, the cumulative maximum depth of snow 20-35 cm, the local excess 40 cm. The long duration of rain and snow low temperature process, a large amount of snow, a wide range of low temperatures, traffic and public life will have a greater impact on production and life. The circular requires all units in the city to strengthen the organization and leadership, consultation early warning, traffic management, emergency preparedness, judged prevention and control, supervision and inspection, and requires all localities and relevant departments at 23 o’clock on the 23rd before the precautionary approach to the municipal government emergency office. Hefei Bureau of Education, Transportation Bureau, Agriculture Committee, Forestry and Landscape Bureau and other departments have also issued a circular calling for a new round of snow and ice freezing weather response. Beijing News reported earlier, January 3 afternoon, Hefei plunge snowfall. On the 4th, a total of 16 BRT bus stops collapsed in Wangjiang Road, Hefei. As of 8 o’clock that night, 28 people were injured and 1 of them died of an accidental rescue. After the incident, Hefei closed all the BRT platform Wangjiang Road, clean-up and maintenance, and the city’s bus station to carry out network-wide investigation. In addition, a joint investigation team was set up in the locality to thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident.

Editor: Zhang Yu