Clean our “emotional jars” on time


First, sadness and frustration

During this year, there were some sad and frustrating incidents that made you feel very sad, such as having Your family has passed away or parted ways with a loved one. These feelings of “originally ours, and now we have lost it” are sad and frustrating.

Each person will inevitably experience depression and sadness throughout their lives. The problem is that these emotions become intense and last too long, and then they cross ......More......

Bad things have greater impact on people than good things


“Happiness in China? Have you got it wrong!” When someone heard that I was writing a book about happiness, I said to me indignantly, “Chinese people can live well now, Milk powder is poisonous, the vaccine is poisonous, and food is poisonous. In order to grab money, even the schools are robbing money. The flood that happens once a year for 50 years, the land that happens once a year for 100 years…

He was very excite......More......

Abundance of heart is the source of happiness


A person’s sense of well-being does not come from the food and clothing but from the abundance of the heart. Being rich and well-fed, you have a sense of practicality in your life; your heart is full and you have a sense of belonging to your soul. The former let people calmly hurry, the latter is like a flashing light.

People’s pain is sometimes not seen, but seen too much. The problem of earning 100 yuan a day is not to envy earning 120. The problem is that when people ......More......

Live in the moment


I remember a teacher who said less about his ideas and talked about his feelings. This time I listened to the founder of natural therapy Lu Jin Long teacher After the course, the understanding of this proposition was deepened. To be a good counselor, you must first learn to be with your own feelings, learn to perceive yourself, perceive others, and perceive things around you. When random hypnosis, when playing mind c......More......

Enjoy occasional solitude One person can also be colorful


1. Use habits to defeat loneliness

Most of the girls in love will meet with their boyfriends while attending a friend’s party or attending a business to miss an appointment. If you are sulking at home, it’s better to do things that make you happy. There are one or two things that will make you happy. Your life is not just one of him alone. Finally have the opportunity to enjoy one’s time, read books, walk, exercise, go shopping, eat, sing K, watch ......More......

Do not become a “psychological slave”


Slaves who “what others think”

This “psychological slave” is the most common, most destructive of creativity and personality, and more common in psychological immature. People. Most “psychological slaves” are not only enslaved by “what others think” but also listen to the advice of unqualified people, which will seriously affect their creativity and self-confidence.

Countermeasures: If you can feel happy after im......More......

Do 10 Things Less Happy Naturally!


1. Reproach. When something goes wrong, it’s better to be more concerned with what to do next time than to be angry with others and ask for food.

2. No one really likes you because of your clothes, cars, and titles. These are just objects. To be true to yourself, true friends will come to you and have fun.

3. Obsession. When you are scared and insecure, you will only cling to the same thing and overwhelm everything y......More......

The psychological perspective of the Chinese people: the better the day, the more trouble and trouble


Nowadays, the quality of life is high, but many people always put the word “freak” out. “Baidu knows” that the online Q&A platform has recently released a statistical data showing that there are 16 million questions and answers about “trouble”. Every day, 2.3 million netizens visit such topics and hope to relieve their troubles. The first trouble was “How do husbands and sisters get along with each other”, followed by “How to deal with the mother-in-law”, “......More......

Consolation, accompaniment better than enlightenment



How is it best to help or comfort someone? First look at such a story: A grandfather just lost his wife’s life, crying sadly. The little boy next door went into Grandpa’s yard and climbed into his knees. After sitting for a long time, the old man’s heart gradually calmed down. The boy’s mother asked, “......More......