Make friends with time


Western societies keep people busy at all times and at all times. As a result, we always seem to be in a hurry. We live under the schedule and operate according to the clock. We learned early in life that you had better complete things on time, otherwise bad things will happen. If you fail to submit the paper on time, your score will decrease; you will be fined if you do not pay the bill on time; if you do not complete the work on time you may be fired adminPosted on Categories healthTags Leave a comment on Make friends with time

Mental Dictionary: Many people may not be efficient


A group of ants find food and drag the food in their own direction. But often every ant did not have a hard time, but the food was not moving or spinning in place. This is the “Washington Cooperative Law,” which stems from the “bystander effect” discovered by American psychologists Lattany and Bally: one person is perfunctory, and two people push each other. Three people will never succeed. That is what the Chinese say. “Three monks have no water to eat.” ......More......

A bit imperfect and normal!


Vivian talks about marriage with her. As soon as she enters the door, she burst into tears: “My husband said that he would not follow me before changing someone. How did he say that to me?”

In the consultation, she flashed and stressed: “My husband did not advance and this year he did not rise again. ……No opinion, no matter what the big things I worry about.” She also cried: “Vicki husband is much better than my husband.” I asked Vicki privately: “Your husband real......More......

Psychological rehabilitation needs to improve a little every day


We can’t demand absolute perfect happiness, but it’s easy to be happy every day a little. A casual care, appreciation, and gratitude will make the long river of life provoke happiness. Happy every day for a little happiness and always fall in love with us. A little bit of happiness every day, you can subtly change your state of life, make life easy and enjoyable, a little bit of happiness every day, happiness is often accompanied!

We cannot ask ourselves to be the most int......More......

Did you observe your emotions?


A scientist gets up in the morning and finds no slippers. It’s annoying. At that time he did not notice that he was angry. Go to the bathroom to wash, this time angry has been growing, he shave > When the razor fell off the ground accidentally, he fell unconsciously and fell. He felt even worse. But he could not lose his temper against the razor. He walked out of the bathroom and learned that the child’s hom......More......

The higher the number of people, the smaller


When you take a picture, if you want to make someone look taller, you have to use an angle that looks up. This seems to indicate that the higher the person stands, the bigger it looks.

However, high and low are relative. In a certain range, standing tall may seem a little bigger; but sometimes, it will be higher and smaller. Because people stand taller and farther away from others, the people they see will become smaller. From another angle, people will see him very small.

Often ask 8 questions feel more happy Do you feel happy?



1. “I am happy?”

Find a quiet place, take a deep breath several times, give yourself a moment of silence, and then ask yourself: “I’m happy?” Maybe you will burst out with a knowing smile, maybe you will shed tears of repression for a long time. If you are happy, what is it? If it is ......More......

Emotional Psychology: After feeling safe first


Many people do not believe in love. They simply believe that love exists only in fairy tales and is an imaginary product of human imagination. Only the figures that fall on the floor and the numbers written on the bank cards are actual existence.

So we saw that when many people choose to love, there are many criteria, what conditions must be met before they will fall in love.

Of course, most of them are not so extreme, or are willing to believe in love. There are just a few......More......