Which is more nutritional milk and soybean milk

Article source: WeChat public health science (chunyuyuedu) “spring rain”

In the varieties of food is not rich s milk and soybean milk is almost every family for breakfast;Nowadays as living standards improve gradually, nutritious drinks are also rising, skim milk/organic milk and low-fat milk, raw milk are “into” the breakfast force, also let a person see the dazzling.

Five kinds of short-lived vices correct the sooner, the better

If someone asks you “want to live a long time?”I’m afraid to answer “YES!”Overwhelming majority of people.Some people think they don’t smoke don’t drink, no bad habits so no problem, little imagine, accustomed to the daily habits of eroding your body, let you die.According to RecirdJapan respect this paper introduces the causes of modern common five kinds of bad habits.

Three signs of liver problems during sleep

There is a sleep disorder in patients with liver disease, which is due to the adverse effects of liver disease on people’s mental and physical health. But there are no obvious symptoms in the early liver, and many people can easily overlook the sleep disorder caused by liver disease. If there are three manifestations of sleep, it is probably a liver problem.
There are three manifestations of liver problems during sleep and there are three manifestations of liver problems during sl......More......