Make friends with time


Western societies keep people busy at all times and at all times. As a result, we always seem to be in a hurry. We live under the schedule and operate according to the clock. We learned early in life that you had better complete things on time, otherwise bad things will happen. If you fail to submit the paper on time, your score will decrease; you will be fined if you do not pay the bill on time; if you do not complete the work on time you may be fired Salmon.

Many people therefore conclude that time is their enemy. They will fight against time and defeat it. However, facing time, there is no eternal victory. The clock will return to zero tomorrow. Every month, there will be a new beginning. The year will also end and the new year will come.

Think about this popular saying, “Life is so short, so…” The following few touching words you will always hear:

Life is so short, so you can’t regret it .

Life is so short, so don’t do what you hate.

Life is so short, so you must have fun.

Life is so short, so “add your favorite!”

There is no doubt that such epigrams suggest that time is your enemy. However, time is not the reason why you should give up regret, change your career, enjoy your enjoyment. Even the short life is not a reason. These are all hypotheses that mask the real problem.

In these circumstances, short life and limited time are actually good things. After all, one person spends as little time as possible in some disliked situations. Less regret, it sounds good. Doing less shabby work? Great. Take less time to shrink in the corner? What could be better than this?

Then let’s look at the question in another way:

“Life is so long, so… …”

When you stand in this position to deal with your problems and challenges, time is not only your enemy, but also your best friend. Because of the rich time and life, you have the motivation to seek challenges and changes. After all, you have to live for a long time. Don’t you want to do the best?

When you have a certain habit or situation that needs fixing, imagine what would happen to your life if you postpone action. Imagine a year later this problem still exists. How does it affect you? How does it harm your relationships? How does it affect your work? How much will you pay for your health?

Then imagine five more years After the scene. What have you lost? What kind of torture have you endured? What was the price that your close people were forced to pay?

Time is moving on. You have now lived with this unsolved problem for a decade. What do you believe in your beliefs and hopes? How difficult is this problem now? How far in the world are you vulnerable to this problem?

We are still far from reaching the end of our lives. Twenty years have passed, can you still remember life without this problem? Do you still have the energy to think about this problem? Are you trapped in a helpless state?


When you think Dragging a long-term problem that does not resolve a problem will shock you. You begin to realize the value of starting action now. Time does not harm you, it gives you a chance. Resolving problems can take hours or days, and some can take weeks or months. But you have time to make good use of them.

There is no time schedule. No matter how much you need, it will give it to you. This does not mean that some problems have no deadlines, but these restrictions are not imposed on you by time. Time will give you space and give you motivation. This is up to you.

Only fools wait for the best time. You do not need to experience many things in life to understand this truth. Make friends with time and realize the greatest value of life. Time is waiting for you.

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