A bit imperfect and normal!


Vivian talks about marriage with her. As soon as she enters the door, she burst into tears: “My husband said that he would not follow me before changing someone. How did he say that to me?”

In the consultation, she flashed and stressed: “My husband did not advance and this year he did not rise again. ……No opinion, no matter what the big things I worry about.” She also cried: “Vicki husband is much better than my husband.” I asked Vicki privately: “Your husband really so good?” Wei Wei smiled: “My husband I have not been promoted for more than two years, but I am very happy because he can accompany me every day. He does not like to make decisions, but he always listens to my idea.” Vivi stressed: “I am a typical ‘sweetness’ a href=”http://fitness.39.net/food/2481.html” target=”_blank” keycmd=”null”>Lemons psychologically, and think that such a good husband is hard to come by.” p>


The lemon is sour, but from another angle, soak it in the water, it becomes cool and delicious. Vivi’s mentality is “have is the best,” and made her husband “lemon” Lemonade, the couple’s feelings are harmonious. On the other hand, she felt that her “lemon” was sour and difficult to swallow. As a result, her husband was too picky for her to endure.

Each of us uses the “sweet lemon mentality” to accept the imperfections of ourselves and those around us, laying down the almost exacting demands on people and less negative energy. Focusing on the merits of yourself and others will help you to avoid weaknesses and make us easier and happier to succeed.

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