Did you observe your emotions?


A scientist gets up in the morning and finds no slippers. It’s annoying. At that time he did not notice that he was angry. Go to the bathroom to wash, this time angry has been growing, he shave > When the razor fell off the ground accidentally, he fell unconsciously and fell. He felt even worse. But he could not lose his temper against the razor. He walked out of the bathroom and learned that the child’s homework was not done yesterday, so he Big hair Thunder hit a child’s slap. His wife was inexplicable, so they quarreled. Scientists stormed out and drove to work in the office. But in the end he did not arrive at the office because of a road accident.

The cause of the whole thing was unexpectedly because no slippers were found in the morning! Actually not like this, no slippers were found. If one observes one’s emotions at the time, one will not be angry because we cannot be angry with a pair of slippers; the razor has fallen, and if we can observe our own situation at that time, we will not be angry. I was angry because we couldn’t be mad at a razor; of course, I couldn’t make a slap because the child didn’t finish the job.

Do you understand what emotions are? If you don’t understand yet, give a few more examples.

We see that lights are shining, and those who have studied physics know that it is actually the current that is flowing in cross-current; we look at Candles glow, look closely, layer by layer new Flame is produced; rivers, which are joined together by a drop of water.

Emotions, also a river, a small idea followed by a small idea, continue to move forward.

If I can observe changes in one’s emotions after each one thing, and deal with them in time, the following things will not happen. And the sooner you discover it, the better your ability to handle it. The later it was discovered, the more emotions will accumulate. When the stream converges into a big river, power is overwhelming.

Emotions are not resolved by control, but by observation. As long as you perceive emotions and observe emotions, emotions will naturally disappear.

In the morning, I went to Dalian and found that the wallet could not be found, ID cards, bank cards, credit cards, and cash were all in it. The key wallet was still very memorable. I felt irritable. However I sensed my emotions and I thought: wallet If you lose, you will lose even more if you feel bad again. Just make up for the trouble, and quickly try to solve it.

I applied for a temporary ID card at the airport. The person who issued the card was a bit dragged down. I finally managed to finish it. I also said that there was no change for me, and I said even if it was small change. I waited for the boarding pass at the counter to tell me that it was too late. I can wait five minutes early. I have now closed the door. I suddenly silent! The same is true of a buddy around him. He is complaining loudly! I smiled calmly because I had already observed my emotions.

To go to the ticketing counter at China Southern Airlines, the young girl told me that she could only change to 10 o’clock in the evening. At 10:40 in the morning, I was still waiting for 12 hours. The budding buddies around me that are about to break down quickly growl and say why it’s so late, why there is no plane in the afternoon, why wait for 5 minutes late and wait for 12 hours! I smiled calmly because I had already observed my emotions.

I asked my colleagues to help me with the ticket and rebooked Xiamen Airlines flights. A few telephone calls took care of the job. Received his wife’s WeChat said, sister took her mother to the hospital in the morning, the doctor said that the mother’s diabetes More serious, a small hospital must not go to a major hospital for treatment. I called back to ask about the situation, and then said that you go to the hospital in the afternoon, it is not enough to stay in hospital for a few days should not be a problem, I will come back as soon as possible on business travel, rest assured.

After handling these things, I sat quietly at the airport to record this process and observe the entire emotional process.

If I didn’t observe my emotions at first, what a bad morning I was this morning! Lost wallets, ID cards, credit cards, and bank cards have all been lost. Delays in handling permits me to delay flights. My mother is not in good health… I am not at liberty. I will be angry with anyone around me. The company’s people quarrelled. But does this not only hurt himself, hurt others, but also has any effect on solving problems?

Fortunately, I observed my emotions from the very beginning. Every time when my emotions come up, I can calm down. What’s so irritating? Maybe my wallet can be found. Maybe my mother’s condition will soon improve. Maybe I’ll be on the plane for a while now Sit down a beauty…


I can sit quietly at the airport now, look out the window, and an unknown bird flies over.Oh, why do I say “yet”?

Emotion is a river, if not Observe that this river will gather more and more small streams and grow bigger and larger.The river is usually very calm, but once it breaks out, the power cannot be controlled.

Hugging wood, born in the end; Taiwan’s station began from the land, and I couldn’t move the nine-story platform, but I could easily handle a small piece of land; I folded the wood together, but I could easily break a young sapling. So.

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