The higher the number of people, the smaller


When you take a picture, if you want to make someone look taller, you have to use an angle that looks up. This seems to indicate that the higher the person stands, the bigger it looks.

However, high and low are relative. In a certain range, standing tall may seem a little bigger; but sometimes, it will be higher and smaller. Because people stand taller and farther away from others, the people they see will become smaller. From another angle, people will see him very small.


Many people do not realize this. Some people have been promoted, work has achieved success, and their careers have been a bit small. However, they have lost in the sudden glory and applause. They feel good about themselves and think they are amazing. They feel proud and complacent, and they can’t even live without progress.

But the real greatness of a person is that he can recognize his own smallness rather than being self-righteous and self-important. As the saying goes, there are people outside of the world. In a broader context, there are many people who are stronger and better than themselves. Unfortunately, not many people can clearly realize this.

Therefore, at a certain height, we must always remember that people stand taller and smaller, that is, “there is no place on the heights”. Being humble, cautious, and low-key, people can grow and improve in order to achieve success.

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