Often ask 8 questions feel more happy Do you feel happy?



1. “I am happy?”

Find a quiet place, take a deep breath several times, give yourself a moment of silence, and then ask yourself: “I’m happy?” Maybe you will burst out with a knowing smile, maybe you will shed tears of repression for a long time. If you are happy, what is it? If it is not happy, what is it? Uncover the mask to others and listen directly to the inner feelings.

2. “Do I trust inner guidance?”

Conformity is easy, and listening to inner voice requires courage. Therefore, we unknowingly followed the footsteps of the crowd, perhaps choosing to work, perhaps hobbies, perhaps choosing partners… However, each of us is unique and has a unique inner rhythm. To believe in your own intuition and lead us to a unique, self-fulfilling path.

3. “Can I let go of the past?”


Past We may have experienced some failures, setbacks, or some unforgettable emotional scars. Holding the past tightly, we can’t free up our hands to welcome our new life. Believe that you have the ability to get rid of old patterns of behavior, because “the moment” is the most powerful. To let go of the past, we need to pay attention to our language. Psychologists find that language is powerful. Such as “I don’t want to …” with negative energy, and “I will have …” with positive energy. Let us let go of the past and use positive language to guide us towards a better future.

4. “I follow the mind or mind?”

In the past, it is rational and logical. It tends to keep us from danger To avoid repeating the pain of the past. However, we often imprison our thinking and behavior. The mind points to the future. It tends to make us bravely try to discover potentials and approach dreams. Following the guidance of the mind, even if you encounter setbacks and failures, you will feel the joy of growth. The most important thing in life is the process, not the result.

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