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Legal Evening News View News This morning just go to work, in 2018 the fourth largest Tiger appeared: National Energy Bureau party members, Wang Xiaolin, deputy director suspected of serious discipline, is currently subject to organizational review. News reporters noted that Wang Xiaolin had worked in Shenhua Group for 20 years, after Shenhua Group had at least 18 executives were checked. Public information shows that born in 1963, Wang Xiaolin is a native of Chongqing. At the age of 20, he took up the post of Yangtuo Mine Technical Technician and Assistant Engineer of Beijing Mining Bureau at the age of 20 and transferred to Huaneng Clean Coal Limited Liability Co., Ltd. 6 years later Company Planning Department Engineer, served as the company’s deputy manager of Planning Department, Production Manager. In 1995, Wang Xiaolin, 32, entered the Shenhua Group and spent the next 20 years as a career official in Shenhua Group, where he successively took the posts of Deputy Manager of Production Department, Manager of Planning Department and Deputy General Manager of Shenhua Group Co., Ltd. Manager, board secretary and other staff. In 2015 August he served as deputy director of the National Energy Board, member of the party. Wang Xiaolin transferred to the Bureau of Energy, which means that in 2013 after the reorganization of the Energy Bureau and the SERC, ushered in a deputy director of the coal industry. News reporters found that Wang Xiaolin had also investigated coal production capacity two weeks ago. According to the official website of the National Energy Administration: From January 2 to January 5, Wang Xiaolin went to Hunan, Jiangxi and Hubei provinces to investigate the coal production capacity and ensure the supply of coal, listened to the introduction and put forward requirements on relevant work. As Shenhua Group, established in October 1995, the industry covers a wide range of coal-based electricity, railways, ports, shipping, coal oil and coal chemical industry as a whole, production and marketing of train.

In early 2015, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection released the “rectification list” for the third round of special inspections in 2014. Sinopec, Shenhua Group, Dongfeng Motor, China Unicom and other 13 state-owned enterprises have been patrol over the rectification report. The report shows that the coal industry has become corrupt. Opinion Simple statistics of news reporters found that Shenhua Group’s 18 executives involved in the case, the control key contract coal approval authority to seek “black gold”, the use of coal fire extinguishing project “black hole” to become a two Big main source. For example, the original Shen Ning Coal Group, Zhang Wenjiang, assistant general manager of Shenhua Group Company, during his tenure to use firefighting contractors to seek benefits, accepting huge bribes from contractors, the alleged use of illicit money to build temples. In addition, Shenning Coal Industry Group, Tian Guangming and other party members and cadres in the original chairman Zhang Wenjiang donated money to build the temple, fire management in the alleged serious violations of discipline by the Procuratorate investigation.

Source: Legal Evening News

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