Five kinds of short-lived vices correct the sooner, the better

If someone asks you “want to live a long time?”I’m afraid to answer “YES!”Overwhelming majority of people.Some people think they don’t smoke don’t drink, no bad habits so no problem, little imagine, accustomed to the daily habits of eroding your body, let you die.According to RecirdJapan respect this paper introduces the causes of modern common five kinds of bad habits.

Five kinds of short-lived vices correct the sooner, the betterFive kinds of short-lived vices correct the sooner, the better

1, lack of sleep,

In the morning if you can happy wake up?Lack of sleep caused by bad influence real estate to the body.Lack of sleep not only lowers immunity, increaseHeart diseaseRisk, and may lead toHigh blood pressure, weight gain,diabetesModern people such as common diseases.Want to assure enough sleep and quality, be sure to get into the habit of going to bed at the same time, also can’t eat and drink before sleep or play mobile phone to watch TV.

2, do not eat breakfast

Studies have confirmed that don’t eat breakfast, increase the risk of obesity, heart disease and cancer, in addition to people who don’t know breakfast also easy metabolic syndrome.In addition, people who skip breakfast at night to eat salty, oily food, harmful to health is self-evident.

3, sitting for a long time

British medical media, according to research published by 3 hours or more a day will increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, lead to shorten the life.But it is inevitable that the sedentary desk and office workers, the people of this kind of circumstance is the best activities for 30 minutes every day, work intermittent stretch and activities of the limbs.

4, love laughter

“Smile” is said to be the most can make people healthy way.An international medical media published said, “laughter” will reduce the risk of heart disease, stable blood pressure, strengthening immunity.Don’t like to smile in front of people might as well show themselves in front of the bathroom mirror to smile.

5, drinking too much

Moderate drinking problem is not big, but too much will give the liver a heavy load, also can increase heart attacks, low fertility, such as cancer, high blood pressure risk.To drink again confident enough is enough, also must not even thousand cups little.

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