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Source: Fujian Daily

The original title: News! Tian Xiangli Ren Fujian Province Vice Governor

On the morning of January 23, the 34th meeting of the 12th NPC Standing Committee decided to appoint Tian Xiangli as the vice governor of Fujian Provincial People’s Government.

Tian Xiangli Resume

Tian Xiangli, male, born in November 1962, Jiangsu Rudong, Han nationality, working university degree, LL.M., senior management MBA, August 1981 Work, June 1984 to join the Chinese Communist Party.

1981.08-1988.11 Changsha City Intermediate People’s Court Deputy Chief, Section Chief, Deputy Division Judge

1988.11-1995.07 Hainan Provincial High Court Deputy Director of Personnel Department, is at the level Ombudsman

1995.07-2001.03 Vice President of Sanya Intermediate People’s Court of Hainan Province, deputy party secretary of Sanya Intermediate People’s Court, president of Sanya Suburban Court, president of Sanya Intermediate People’s Court (deputy departmental level) Secretary of Hainan Hainan Hainan Intermediate People’s Court (class level), party secretary 2008.09-2011.05 Hainan Provincial High Court, deputy party secretary, vice president (level) Member of the Judicial Committee 2011.05-2017.05 Hainan Provincial Politics and Law Committee, Secretary-General

2017.05- Secretary of Sansha Municipal Committee of Hainan Province

Sixth, seventh Hainan Provincial Party Committee members Hainan Provincial Fifth People’s Congress

(Resume Source: Sands Government website)

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