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Original title: Mainland girls were insulted at Hong Kong Airport, was poured porridge: never thought it would be so insulted [Global Network reported on the 21st] A mainland girl said in a post on Weibo that her friend was ready to fly back after a trip to Hong Kong with friends on the same day. During the waiting period, however, the two went to a congee shop in the airport for consumption but were scolded by the clerk “shut up (shut up) “,” X your mother “, and even the other side poured porridge.

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The name of the microblogging @ jojo children should be exposed on the microblogging 21 this article, immediately triggered a lot of mainland users concern. For her own experience, she said, “I never thought I’d get such an insult.”

The following is the client’s Weibo content:

I just returned to Beijing, my way The mood can not calm down. I never thought I would be so insulted, let me talk about the whole process of the incident today. My girlfriends and Hong Kong after the end of the tour, came to the airport to choose the porridge shop. (Editor’s note: patience) I can understand, when the waiter put two bowls of porridge and two snacks are placed in a plate, we let her help to separate the porridge, because we put a lot of luggage The plate is too heavy. The results of the girl in Figure 6 is very reluctant, so I put the luggage on the ground, their own change, Shunzui asked what are the porridge, she was very impatient to say what you do not know what? List above have their own look! I said you help me say what happened? She talked about the list is also necessary? I say what is your attitude, then a black man in the picture to tell me about shut up! I asked him who you say to shut up? Do you think I do not understand? He saidJust tell you to shut up! I said I want to complain about you, he said casually complaints. When I turned around, he told my friend and I say “艹 your mother!” ! ! My friend must not let me hear it. It is a Chinese who can not endure scolding her mother. My friend approached the theory, Figure a man to porridge and noodles on my friend who splashed. We immediately called for an alarm. Before the police came, there was no one to solve the problem for us. Only a so-called staff member asked us about the situation. When I told her about shut up, she actually asked me what happened? Is it because we have delayed their work? ! ! I ignored her and other police officers. When the police came to the police, they did not speak Putonghua. So they filed a lawsuit in Cantonese. Later, they came to a well-spoken eldest sister in Mandarin to understand the situation. At that moment, a Chinese American man came out and did a transcript to prove that they first scolded people, but it did not solve the problem. The police kept reminding me of boarding time. One of the police officers came here to tell me something about it At the same time many people in the video, I heard a trace of threat, I immediately refuted, just recorded we are not afraid! Finally, the solution is to return us sprinkle dry clothes laundry clothes firm refused to ask us to take an invoice to find him reimbursement (Figure a white manager) they know we boarding time has been deliberately delayed! The two of us girls are treated like this in Hong Kong. As long as we speak English, we will be cheerful and pleasant. We speak plainly in Mandarin. The eldest sister of the police said quite right, we are both Chinese, so why should the Chinese be treated differently? I now dizzy at home lying, the heart jump very fast. The two of us, the girls, are too weak to help us with the help of the media. We will also continue to complain in the end, but also ask the legal experts to help me answer, they are so considered personal attacks on us. At the same time, I am particularly grateful to a few well-intentioned people who were willing to help me to help me to testify, thank you!

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In response to a message, some netizens questioned whether the woman’s rhetoric was too fierce and whether she truthfully restored the truth. However, more netizens expressed their sympathy for the girl’s experience and also expressed their indignation at the practice of Hong Kong clerks. Some netizens said they have been to that store, and that the waiter attitude is very poor, just lined up before dinner called her “hurry up, did not think what to eat on the side and so on.” There are Hong Kong netizens come forward to come up with ideas for the two girls, suggesting that they complain to the Hong Kong Tourism Board, also said “must be held to the end.”

After the incident, a reporter interviewed the parties, the woman said , My friends and I just meal, because two bowls of porridge and two snacks in the same plate, because of their own hand a lot of luggage, so the two asked the waitress to help separate the porridge, but it is caused The above dispute. At first, the other waiters performed very reluctantly, and then the parties decided to do it yourself, and asked one by one how to distinguish between the two bowls of porridge, the waitress was more impatient, so the two sides had a quarrel. The waitress also asked, “Do you know what you do not know? The list is above, look at yourself.”

Later, another black waiter stepped forward and shouted “shut up )! “More than scolded several times,” X your mother. ”

The two sides exacerbated the dispute, the male waiter will porridge and splashed on the girls friends body.

Afterwards, a reporter contacted the person in charge of the Hong Kong Airport porridge shop and the other side only said “there was a little misunderstanding.” For the specific circumstances at that time, the other party only said that “this colleague is off the job now and we are not sure about it.”

And for users who blame the parties There are “deliberately write Hong Kong causing conflicts” suspicion, the lady said “they can not stand greeting mother, wherever they are.” And afterwards, the woman also wrote in the comments, “I believe it is also a small part of the radical behavior … … but only part of the attitude of the service staff is still too much. “

Editor: Chu Xiaohui

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