Cangzhou, Hebei: Ash dump heap caused by the collapse of the warehouse wall 3 people were trapped | Accident | trapped personnel | Hospital | Sina News


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The original title: Cangzhou, a warehouse of ash heap dumping accident caused 3 deaths

Beijing News Express (Reporter Zeng Jinqiu) at 22:00 on January 22 , A warehouse in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, a pile of ash heap rollout. According to the Canal District Government’s response to the news source of the Beijing News, as of 1:25 today (23 May), all three trapped personnel have been found and the hospital confirmed the death. No secondary disaster occurred on site. This morning, netizens broke the news that a warehouse in Xiaowangzhuang Town, Cangzhou City, collapsed with casualties. User released pictures, several firefighters are using machinery, on-site disposal. This morning, the Canal District Government responded to the Beijing News reporter said at 18:15 on January 22 or so, Cangzhou City, Xiao Wangzhuang Town, Cangzhou City, Chuangzhuang White Village store a fly ash warehouse of coal ash Heap roll, leading to the collapse of the southern wall of the warehouse, smashing pressure and cover the south side of Cangzhou Liri Blue Sky Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. housing, three were trapped. As at 1:25 on the 23rd, three trapped people have been found, confirmed by the hospital death. No secondary disaster occurred on site.

At present, accident investigation work has been started, the people involved have been controlled, rehabilitation work is under way.

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