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With the spread of medical knowledge, Yangshuo has gradually been recognized by everyone. This is a common sexual dysfunction disease. For adult men, if impotence suffers a catastrophic disaster, imperfections are so harmful. Do you know what causes the impotence? Why do people have to Yangshuo to “talk about the color change” degree.

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Why do men become impotent?

1. Lack of proper sexual knowledge

Because of the concept of contagion, many men lack proper sexual knowledge. In sexual life, some wrong sexual behaviors are taken. As a result, women lose their sexual pleasure. Not only does the emotional breakdown of both spouses, but also male impotence.

2. mental stress is too large

because of the accelerated pace of life, many men carry the heavy family burden, too much stress, maintain a year-round depression, anxiety and other negative Negative emotions are not only detrimental to physical and mental health, but also cause male impotence.

3. Sexual life is too frequent

Because young people have a strong sexual desire, many men have a record of more than three sex lives a week. In fact, male doctors said that sexual life is not as much as possible, sexual intercourse can lead to sexual organ fatigue, over time, it will easily lead to impotence, premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction diseases.

impotence against big, early detection and early treatment

According to the clinical study found that, in addition to psychological impotence, most of impotence are a direct result of decline in physical function. From the etiology, diabetes, high blood pressure and other organic diseases may cause impotence. The emergence of impotence, leading to the fact that married life is not normal, not only plagued men’s physical and mental health, harmony and happiness is more related to gender. It has also seriously affected normal work and life, and has long enveloped the shadow of diseases, and has also exerted some influence on fertility.

Suzhou Tongji Hospital urologists: Although impotence disease lot of harm, but as long as we can find the disease early and to take appropriate measures to control the disease to some extent to reduce the harm caused by the disease, choose a professional hospital, Improvement of the condition is also very important.

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