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The occurrence of vitiligo has a certain relationship with diet, I believe this is for the long-term vitiligo patients, all understand, in the face of today’s vitiligo patients bring harm to everyone, I really do not want to suffer. Well, many people want to know what is the relationship between diet and vitiligo? Is vitiligo caused by incorrect diet? Here we take a look at the following diet and the relationship between vitiligo.

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Relationship between diet and vitiligo

1. Some patients say they drink alcohol or eat seafood Leukoplakia is proliferating. Some patients also report that they are restricted to itchiness at the site of white spot after drinking alcohol. Most of them suffer from excessive drinking or eating too much seafood for about a week. Therefore, drinking or eating seafood can cause or increase the occurrence of vitiligo. In the patient’s life, pay attention.

2, phenol-containing foods are patients do not eat as much as possible. Foods containing phenols: A variety of plant-based foods, vegetables, and fruits also contain excess phenol, which is also cytotoxic to melanocytes. This is very important. This is what we must pay attention to. Therefore, patients with vitiligo must not be taken lightly.

3. Patients should avoid excessive intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a reducing agent that participates in the metabolism of tyrosine and inhibits the oxidation of dopa. It is a substance that may cause the melanin formed in the skin to be reduced to a colorless substance and to make the melanin water-soluble. , so that the formation of melanin is constantly reduced.

For the vitiligo stubborn disease, diet is the most important, a reasonable diet can help the rehabilitation of vitiligo, so patients with vitiligo should adhere to the diet plan of vitiligo, for vitiligo treatment or medication must obey The doctor’s professional guidance cannot arbitrarily plan his own medication time. This will not only make vitiligo worse, but also aggravate his condition.

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