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Acceptance of Transparent Management for Patient Satisfaction

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Jining Bo Shi Hospital for Men’s Integrity Patients Really Doesn’t Let Patients Pay the money to protect the patient’s own interests. Jinan Bo Shi Hospital male department in order to improve the relationship between doctors and patients, enhance the transparency of patient information, improve the credibility of the patient’s daily treatment costs, and facilitate the understanding and inquiry of the patient’s medical expenses. Established a new image of the hospital’s excellent service, high quality and fast operation, and improved the satisfaction of the people. With good faith service has established a good reputation.

Jining Bo Shi Hospital Male Hospital as a trusted male hospital, has a professional medical team: hospital professors and expert doctors personally receive a major highlight in the characteristics of diagnosis and treatment, they focus on academic exchanges At the same time as scientific research advances, we also pay attention to the cultivation of reserve talents.

At the same time, we always adhere to the principle of serving patients and strictly implement the open, strict, and reasonable charging systems such as a one-day patient billing system, an expense inquiry system, and a public notice system for major fees, and medical fees for each department. Standards are strictly in accordance with the Municipal Price Bureau charge standards, do not set a variety of charges, random charges, so that the real consideration for male patients, men’s physical health as the focus of service to each of the majority of male patients to help them solve problems .

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