These habits make men more and more empty

Every man does not want to become empty, let the man be strong many men in pursuit, but there are many men more and more empty, so in the end is what bad habits lead to the man become empty?

 These habits make men more and more emptyThese habits make men more and more empty

<strong> These habits make men become empty</strong>

1, the lack of sports and physical activity

At the beginning of nineteenth Century, the famous German doctor pointed out: “the world is not a lazy man who can live long, long man, his life is always active.” The long-term activities of various tissues and organs will occur change and function of degenerative recession, nowadays many people busy with work, busy business, lack of physical exercise, physical health is planted all kinds of hidden dangers. Research shows that the lack of physical activity is associated with cardiovascular disease, Diabetes And one of the main causes of obesity, will increase HypertensionAnd high blood fat, Osteoporosis , Depression Diabetes and obesity, Heart disease Other diseases that endanger life.

<strong> 2, stay up late</strong>

Man and nature is a unified whole. The body’s biological clock should conform to the law of nature, sunrise and sunset. However, with the increasing pace of modern life and learning, work pressure, night has become one of the habits of many people, more and more people to “stay up”, stay up to the health of people is a kind of chronic hazards, serious will cause a decline in body cells, endocrine disorders, Xie Yichang body the resistance to disease and can cause NeurastheniaFatigue, ulcer disease, and hypertension coronary heart disease Etc..

<strong> 3, smoking</strong>

Men work pressure, but also to socialize, the chances of smoking, thinking in smoke, rest and relax in the smoke, the smoke driving fatigue, like the people living in the smoke. But as everyone knows, smoking will directly endanger people’s health, the WHO estimates that in the world, people die from smoking related diseases will be more than AIDS Tuberculosis, dystocia , accident, murder, the Dutch act the total number of deaths.

<strong> 4, irregular meals</strong>

The fast pace of life, nightlife, sleep late at night, got up late in the morning, many people do not eat breakfast in order to save time. Others might have something to eat in a hurry to go to work; lunch at noon because of the limited time, for the convenience and save time, Bento or fast food into lunch and dinner of the protagonist; socialize, often participate in the banquet, banquet. If the diet is not quantitative, long time in a state of starvation, gastric mucosa gastric juice will be self digestion, causing gastritis or Peptic ulcer . On the contrary, eat too much will cause excessive bloating, food is always fill the stomach, is actually canceled the human digestive system of this machine should have the opportunity to rest. Because the food stays a long time in the stomach, forcing the gastric secretion of gastric juice, gastric mucosa damage, a lot of food to the secretion of digestive juice, the relative lack of food can not be fully digested, cause digestive dysfunction, especially over fed dinner, because too much intake of calories, the excess fat body, increased blood lipids, leading to atherosclerosis .

What are the characteristics of good man kidney?

1, strong bones

Chinese medicine, kidney and bone, bone by kidney nourishing kidney, good bone is good. Kidney decline will appear osteoporosis, backache, even teeth loose.

<strong> 2, black hair</strong>

Kidney essence, which in the hair, hair nutrition from the blood, but its vitality lies in the fundamental kidney, kidney is not good, the hair will lose luster, early white, and Alopecia .

<strong> Early 3, the body without edema</strong>

The kidney is the water metabolism of human body organs, kidney is not good, it will accumulate water. If you often get up early or swollen eyelids, feet, swollen legs, should consider kidney problems.

<strong> 4, normal blood pressure</strong>

Impaired renal function will appear the symptoms of high blood pressure, and hypertension can aggravate renal damage. “Once the nocturia in patients with hypertension, diabetes and urinary protein or lower extremity edema problems, indicating the kidney has been damaged.” Experts say that normal people occasionally appear weak, don’t worry, sleep may improve, but if the symptoms persist for at least a week, must go to the hospital to check.

5, a good memory

The kidney also raise the brain. The kidney is not good may often forget things and unresponsive and so on.

<strong> These foods make men more lasting”</strong>

Men want to be healthier and more powerful, daily life can be appropriate to eat these foods:

<strong> 1, oyster</strong>

Oysters also called Li clams, oysters, rich in zinc and iron, phosphorus, calcium and high quality protein, carbohydrates and other vitamins. Its taste salty, slightly cold, there are yin and Yang, tonifying kidney astringent fine effect. The men eat oysters can improve sexual function and sperm quality of men. Spermatorrhea And again of loss, kidney deficiency Impotence Had a good effect.

<strong> 2, loach</strong>

Loach contains high quality protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B1, niacin, iron, phosphorus, calcium, etc.. The sweet, flat, have Buzhong, nourishing essence efficacy. Has a good effect on the regulatory function. Loach contains a special protein, can promote sperm formation. Adult men eat loach nourishing and can be.

<strong> 3, shrimp</strong>

Shrimp is delicious, tonic and medicinal effect is relatively high. Chinese medicine believes that the sweet, salty, warm, nourishing kidney, replenishing essence, impotence, Tongru. Where jiubingtixu, shortness of breath, not eating, can be as nourishing food. People often eat shrimp, have strong physical body effect.

<strong> 4, egg</strong>

Egg nutrition is the carrier of human sexual function, strength is the best reducing agent recovery after sex. The Arabs in the days before the wedding, mainly Congshao egg, in order to ensure the wedding night of happy life. The doctor suggested India, husband and wife before sex, should drink from the egg, milk and honey boiled rice porridge. Our people have also spread the custom of the wedding dinner fried egg. The newly married couple frequent sex life, physical exertion, fill fresh egg helps to recover quickly.

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