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(sinaads = window. sinaads || []). push ({}); <! – The text of the original Beijing News (Reporter Ni Wei) National Conference of petitioners and chiefs January 23 Held in Beijing. Reporter learned from the meeting this year will further promote the reform of petition system, and actively use the Internet, big data and other technical means to enhance the level of petition. At the same time, the work of letters and visits will be actively integrated into the administration of the country according to law and the innovation of social governance so as to speed up the pace of legal construction and professionalization of letters and visits. According to Shu Xiaoqin, deputy secretary general of the State Council and director of the State Bureau of Letters and Visits, in 2017, the reform of the work system for petition letters and the deepening of the legalization of letters and visits have led to the settlement of a large number of prominent petitions. At the same time, the structure of letters and visits was continuously optimized, with letters and visits online up 79.4%. Shu Xiaoqin said that the reform of petitioning system will be further promoted this year, actively integrate into the national strategy for big data and enhance the support for science and technology. For example, the research and development of letters and calls business intelligence support system to help normalize the basic work of letters and visits; the masses through letter, visit, network, electricity and other channels of petitions submitted by petition all the information system to achieve the various departments at all levels and all letters and visits Full coverage, a Netcom. At the same time, openly accept the main body, processes and results on the Internet, push the acceptance information through WeChat, SMS, mobile phone APP, make good use of video access platform, explore the implementation of network visits, research and development of intelligent voice advisory services platform, where conditions permit Install self-service machine, providing round-the-clock, zero distance service. This reporter has learned that following the National Bureau of Letters and Visits issued last year, “according to the law to deal with petitions petition rules”, the full implementation of petition petitions classification according to law, this year will continue to establish and improve the operation mechanism to ensure that administrative agencies in a timely manner to deal with the transfer Petitioned by petitions. At the same time, it will also fully implement the system of separation of litigation and letters and visits, and further improve the docking mechanism between letters and visits and the judiciary and administration. Shu Xiaoqin introduction, the third party to participate in letters and visits to resolve the problem channels will be further expanded so that more “two representatives of a member,” legal workers and veteran party members, veteran cadres, old model workers, social workers and other social forces And professional forces to participate in, to promote the petition matters, especially difficult complex problems to resolve. In addition, the central authorities on the petition work system reform and decision-making arrangements for the implementation of this year’s National Letters and Visits Bureau will organize timely joint inspection.

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