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Original Title: The Sixth National Congress of the Political and Legal Work for the First Time Sends Six New Signals

↑ Chart: Promoting a New Memorabilia in Politics and Law Work in the New Era – First Central Political and Legal Work after the 19th National Congress Xinhua News Agency reporters Shi Eke preparation

Changes in the main social conflicts, political and legal areas to reflect the “four changes”

party Clearly pointed out that the major social contradictions in our society have been transformed into the contradictions between the growing needs of a better life and unbalanced development. In response to this important conclusion, the meeting pointed out: In the field of politics and law, the people’s growing good life needs to be reflected in the “four changes”:

– From the realization of the basic material culture Need to move toward the synchronization of high-grade material and cultural life changes; from the realization of external material and cultural needs to synchronize the pursuit of spiritual and mental satisfaction change, not only hope that personal rights, property rights are not violated, but also look forward to personal dignity, emotion Get more respect, privacy, reputation, honor and other personal rights are effectively protected;

– from focusing on real security to the pursuit of long-term peace and stability shift, the strict enforcement of justice have higher requirements; p>

– From purely individual beneficiaries to the synchronous pursuit of participation in social change, pay more attention to the common prosperity of the public participation in social affairs. “The changes in the major social conflicts in the new era highlight the people’s growing demand for democratic rule of law, the demand for the quality of the rule of law, the expectation of fairness and justice, the legal dependence on security, and the good people Almost all of the incremental needs of life are directly related to democracy and the rule of law, “said Zhang Wenxian, vice president of the China Law Society. Zhang Wenxian said that major social contradictions have changed and many new requirements have been put forward on the work of political and legal work. On the basis of continuing to push forward the development, efforts should be made to solve the problem of inadequate unbalanced development of the quality of the rule of law and greatly enhance the quality And benefits to better promote people’s all-round development and make all-round social progress. More than 50 years ago, cadres and masses in Zhejiang Fengqiao created a “relying on the masses to go to the ground.”

Resolve the contradictions, “the” Maple Bridge experience “, and continue to give its new connotation according to changes in the situation. Meeting requirements, to sum up the promotion of a new era of “Fengqiao experience” as an opportunity to upgrade the level of urban and rural social governance modernization.

– Adhere to the people as the center, and promote the formation of a new pattern of social governance for co-governance.

– Adhere to the principle of good governance and promote innovation in urban and rural grass-roots social governance. Mode;

– Adhere to prevention as the starting point to build a new system of integrated prevention and control of social risk;

– adhere to the party building as a guide, build a new line of social harmony and stability. The past experience of Fengqiao emphasizes mobilizing and relying on the masses and resolving the contradictions on the spot, and settling on the spot. With the development of the times, it is now emphasized that the party and government should rely on the masses and prevent disputes to resolve conflicts and maintain Stabilizing and promoting development, both in the past and the present, are the party’s mass line and the people-centered philosophy, “said Liu Ren-wen, director of the Criminal Law Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Xu Hanming, a professor at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, believes that we must firmly grasp the people-centered core essence of “Fengqiao Experience” and promote socialization, legalization, intelligence and specialization of social governance so as to build a common governance for common governance Social management pattern.

The meeting also specifically proposed to summarize the promotion of “online maple bridge experience” and pushMoved social intelligence and public opinion on the Internet, resolved contradictions and disputes online, aggregated positive energy online, and tried to make social governance move from one-way management to two-way interaction, from offline to online and off-line, and from purely departmental supervision to social coordination. Liu Renwen believes that the “era of Fengqiao experience” in the new era should not only be implemented in “real space” but also in “cyberspace.” For example, in the fields of cracking down on and preventing telecommunications fraud and other new types of crimes, we have explored the solution to conflicts and disputes at the grass-roots level and used network technologies of interconnection and interoperability to solve specific problems in reality. Emphasize that “improve the property rights protection mechanism” to enhance entrepreneurial confidence

“Pay more attention to perfecting the property rights protection mechanism to promote the market players to establish a permanent heart, increase confidence.” This is an important signal revealed by the meeting. Meeting pointed out that earnestly safeguard the entrepreneur’s personal rights, property rights, personality rights. We should prevent criminal law enforcement from intervening in economic disputes, excessive property oversight and property coercion, and excessive property penalties. Xu Hanming said that in order to realize the legal effect of law enforcement and handling, law and order authorities need to update the concept of law enforcement, change the style of law enforcement, improve the law enforcement style and improve the quality and level of law enforcement and handling the weaknesses and problems in current property rights protection And the political effect, the social effect of the organic unity. By the end of 2017, the Supreme People’s Court announced that the People’s Court will rehear the case of three major property-related cases involving Zhang Wenzhong, Gu Chujun, Li Meilan and Chen Jiarong and Xu Ronghua in accordance with the law so that people can truly feel that the CPC Central Committee has perfected property rights Protection system, the firm determination of protecting property rights according to law.

“One case is worth a dozen documents.” The meeting proposed that we should pay close attention to screening and correcting a number of socially-mediated property rights disputes, to further stabilize social expectations and enhance entrepreneurial confidence. “This is conducive to establishing a concept of” perseverance among the permanent producers “in the whole society.” Liu Renwen said: “To enhance social confidence in fair justice and to promote the parties concerned and the handling organs according to law Will have a good demonstration effect. “

Constructing” system of misconduct litigation with Chinese characteristics “

The litigation system reform as an important component of the judicial system reform Part is the only way to optimize the allocation of judicial resources and improve the quality and efficiency of the judiciary. At present, our country is carrying out criminal cases of pleading guilty and punishing lenient penalties in 18 cities. After the trial expired in September this year, it was necessary to summarize the pilot experience in a timely manner, promote the revision of relevant laws such as the Criminal Procedure Law, and establish a system of misdemeanor litigation with Chinese characteristics. “Under the premise of safeguarding judicial fairness, more efforts should be made to improve the judicial efficiency.” Wang Haiyan, vice president of the Criminal Justice College of China University of Political Science and Law, said that in order to solve the problem of limited judicial resources and ever-increasing The contradictions between litigation cases require that justice and efficiency be unified at a higher level. In the reform of civil litigation system, the meeting proposed to promote the diversification of ways to resolve disputes, improve the matching mechanism of litigation, explore pilot programs for the mediation of preemptive procedures, conduct trial trials for lawyers, leverage the litigation fee system, Guide more civil and commercial disputes to be handled in a non-vindication manner.

The meeting also proposed deepening civil and commercial court trial reform, to explore the combination of court investigation and court debate, to further enhance the judicial efficiency. “Through theoretical innovations at the theoretical level and through the practice of reform pilots, some mature and scientific reform experiences have risen to law to build and perfect the litigation system with Chinese characteristics,” said Wang Haiyan.

Normative, unfair and uncivilized issues prevent public power from undermining the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security.

It is necessary to conduct a nationwide large-scale inspection of law enforcement justice. Wang Haiyan said that political and legal organs should follow the rule of law and uphold the people-oriented concept of law enforcement so as to strive strictly in accordance with legal procedures in every aspect of judicial enforcement so that the people can feel fairness in every law enforcement and judicial case justice.

The meeting also proposed that efforts should be made to create a just, transparent and predictable environment for the rule of law. Pay more attention to improving law enforcement and judicial methods. Wang Haiyan pointed out that improving the judicial enforcement methods and ensuring the strict, standardized, fair and civilized judicial enforcement methods are important measures and guarantees to enhance the credibility of law enforcement and judicial civilization. Specifically, we must deepen the reform of the law enforcement power operating mechanism, and gradually establish a complete law enforcement system, a standardized law enforcement system, a systematic law enforcement management system, a practical law enforcement training system, and a strong law enforcement Ensure the system and promote the standardization of law enforcement to upgrade the file. “Wang Haiyan said.

The meeting pointed out that we must carry out major social stability and risk prevention and mitigation special action, and strive to find that early in the prevention In the first place, the disposal was small, ensuring the overall social stability. “Financial risk is one of the most prominent major risks now.” Meeting requirements, we must give full play to the functions of the function, the investigation and resolution of the stakeholder-type economic crimes, risk recovery, recovery of stolen goods and safeguarding stability Together, prevent the occurrence of secondary risks. The meeting deployed to carry out special operations, investigate and punish economic crimes in areas such as finance, taxation, capital markets, social livelihood and other areas, focusing on cracking down on economic crimes such as illegal fund-raising, online pyramid selling, insider trading and other crimes, and resolutely punish illegal acts activity.

Professor Sun Guoxiang of Nanjing University School of Law pointed out that in recent years, with the development of the Internet, illegal economic fund-raising and other means of involving economic crimes have been continuously renovated and are extremely concealed and deceptive. Once spread, it will have a tremendous impact on the financial system and even social stability, seriously affecting the real economy. Sun Guoxiang suggested that relevant departments should strengthen the monitoring and early warning, comprehensive use of various means to actively check and resolve potential risks of financial risks, strengthen the construction of the weak links in the system to build a system of recovery of stolen goods, while actively respond to people’s livelihood Appeal, strengthen the general public’s financial law work.

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Prosecutors mention public interest litigation focus on doing ecological and food and drug safety cases | prosecutors | public interest litigation | prosecutors _ Sina News

(sinaads = window. sinaads || []). push ({}); <! – Prosecutors filed a public interest litigation will focus on handling ecological environment and food and drug safety cases

Beijing News Express (Reporter Xu Wen) procuratorial organs filed a public interest litigation system Reform pilot has been full two years. Reporter from today (January 24) held in Beijing at the National Procurator Conference was informed that the pilot two years, the country’s inspection authorities at all levels for a total of 9053 cases of public interest litigation. In 2018, prosecutors filed public interest litigation will focus on handling the ecological environment and food and drug safety cases. As early as July 1, 2015, the NPC Standing Committee authorized the Supreme People’s Procuratorate in areas such as ecological environment and resources protection, the protection of state-owned assets, the transfer of the right to use state-owned land and the food and drug safety in Beijing , Jilin, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Inner Mongolia and other 13 to carry out a two-year, prosecutors filed a public interest litigation pilot.

After two years of trial expiration, in June 2017, the 28th meeting of the 12th NPC Standing Committee passed the decision on amending the Civil Procedure Law and the Administrative Procedure Law, and the procuratorial organ Public interest litigation clearly written in these two laws. This indicates that our country formally established a system of public interest litigation initiated by the procuratorial organs in the form of legislation. At a national prosecutor’s meeting held today, Cao Jianming, the procurator-general of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, said that procuratorial organs have made significant progress in reforming their public interest litigation system. During the two-year pilot project, they have undergone the top-level design, legal authorization and pilot projects , Legislation and protection, and five stages in an all-round way. 8,053 pilot procuratorates across the country handled 9,053 public interest litigation cases in areas such as environmental resources.

Next, prosecutors filed public interest litigation will mainly focus on what areas? At the meeting, Cao Jianming revealed that in 2018, procuratorates at all levels should actively promote prosecutorial organs to initiate public interest litigation, focus on handling cases in the field of ecological environment and food and drug safety, and explore the establishment of public interest litigation found traces of discipline violations to the relevant departments transfer system. At the same time, strengthen the case against the reputation of heroic martyrs filed a public interest litigation research.

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Beijing’s low-temperature weather continues today, the next three days the lowest temperature below -10 ℃ | Cold | Beijing | Sina News

(sinaads = window. sinaads || []). push ({}); <! – Beijing meteorological observatory January 16, 2018 at 16:40 on the January 24, 2018 continue to issue a continuous low-temperature blue warning signal, affected by the continued replenishment of cold air, is expected to 24-26, Beijing will appear Continuous cold weather, the lowest temperature in the plains will be lower than -10 ℃, please pay attention to cold warm.

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Some people in the United States say that China and Russia can not see long-term common interests between China and Russia. China Refutes | China Chunying | Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Interests | Sina News

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The original title: Some people claim that the United States can not see the long-term common interests between China and Russia Foreign Ministry refuted

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying. Data map. January 24, 2018 Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hua Chunying on a routine press conference. Q: It is reported that the U.S. government has shifted its defense strategy from anti-terrorism to confront China and Russia. However, some people in the United States said that they can not see any long-term common interests between China and Russia. What is China’s comment? A: China and Russia, connected by mountains and rivers and mutually the largest neighbor to each other, are emerging market countries and permanent members of the Security Council. They are developing good-neighborly and friendly relations for generations to realize their own respective development and rejuvenation, regional and / The world has a broad common interest in peace and stability. The two sides have set their sights upon the general trend of world peace and development, established and developed non-aligned, non-confrontational and non-third-party new-typed national relations, and set an example for the peaceful coexistence and cooperation for win-win between big powers and neighboring countries. In recent years, under the strategic leadership of the heads of state of the two countries, the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation between China and Russia has moved forward at a high level and achieved a series of new achievements. The two countries have deepened their strategic mutual trust, pragmatically improved their cooperation and upgrading, maintained close cooperation in international affairs and made important contributions to promoting world peace and stability and development. Facts have proved that the development of a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between China and Russia is in the fundamental interests of the two countries and two peoples and has long-term vitality. Believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, China-Russia relations will continue to maintain a healthy, stable and high-level development, and will contribute more positive energy to enhancing the welfare of the two peoples and promoting the peace and stability in the region and the world and the development and prosperity.

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Mayor of Peoples of Xiamen Municipality Mayor Pei Jinjia resigned as mayor (Photos) | Zhuang Jiahan | Xiamen | Appointment and Dismissal of Officials – Sina News

According to the official microblogging news of Fujian Xiamen Daily, today (28th) morning, the city’s 14th NPC Standing Committee The 38th meeting is held in the People’s Hall. The meeting was voted on, decided to appoint Johnny Chan as vice mayor of Xiamen City, the meeting decided that the Han Chinese Acting Mayor of Xiamen. Due to work changes, the meeting decided to accept Pei Jinjia resign as Xiamen City Mayor’s job request. According to China’s economic network local party and government leaders library data show that the crop Han, was born in October 1963, served as deputy secretary general of Fujian Provincial Party Committee ), Director of Price Bureau of Fujian Province and Director of Fujian Provincial Department of Environmental Protection. In February 2015, he was secretary of Nanping Municipal Committee and recently became deputy secretary of Xiamen Municipal Committee. Pei Jinjia, born in August 1963, worked for a long time in Xiamen City, was transferred to Mayor of Nanping in April 2010, and was promoted to Secretary of Nanping Municipal Committee in January 2012 In February 2015, he returned to Xiamen Lvxin Municipal Committee, Mayor of the post, has recently been promoted to Xiamen Municipal Party Committee Secretary (related reports).

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