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Original title: Handan Wu’an prison prisoners with a gun escape? January 24 (Xiaogupa Wang Yajing) January 22, “Wu An detention center jailbreak with a murderer, with a gun, are aware of the” message on the Internet Spread, and equipped with video, aroused the concern of Internet users. January 23, Handan police responded by verified, net rumors message, the video content is actually armed police squadron anti-riot drill.

At 23:22 on January 23, Handan City Network Security Detachment posted an article through the official microblogging “Internet police rumor | Handan Wuan prisoners escape? rumor! “Rumor, and posted armament squadron anti-riot drill situation, said January 22, the unit according to plan to carry out anti-riot drill, drill to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of officers and men will use the hands of the weapons to deal with the simulation. Please give the majority of Internet users to understand and support, please the general public friends do not panic, consciously resist false audio and video.

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