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(sinaads = window. sinaads || []). push ({}); <! – At the 34th meeting of the 12th NPC Standing Committee of Jiangsu Province, Guo Yuanqiang was appointed as the Vice Governor.

At the meeting point, the 12th NPC Standing Committee of Jiangsu Province After the 34th meeting has completed its various agendas, the afternoon of January 24 will be concluded in Nanjing. Shi Heping, executive deputy director of the Provincial People’s Congress, presided at the closing ceremony and delivered a speech. Deputy Director Gong Pi Xiang, Xu Zhongzi, Zhao Peng, Liu Yongzhong, Xing Chunning, Secretary-General Lu Zhenlin attended the meeting. Vice Governor Ma Qiulin and Provincial Court, Provincial Procuratorate responsible comrades attended the meeting. The meeting separately voted through the “Jiangsu Provincial Development Zone Regulations” “Regulations of Jiangsu Province Radio and Television” “Jiangsu Provincial Geographic Information Survey and Mapping Regulations” “Taihu Lake in Jiangsu Province Water Pollution Prevention Regulations Amendment” approved the Suzhou And other cities approved the establishment of five laws and regulations, the voting adopted the “Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee report (draft)” “Jiangsu Province, the thirteenth NPC deputies to report on behalf of the review” “Jiangsu Province, thirteenth Proposals list of the presidium and secretary-general of the first session of the People’s Congress “,” Proposal list of the national economic and social development plan and budget review committee of the first session of the 13th NPC of Jiangsu Province “.

The meeting decided to appoint Guo Yuanqiang as vice governor of the provincial government, appointed Xia Dahu as vice president of the provincial court, acting president. In accordance with relevant regulations, an appointment letter and a constitutional oath ceremony were held. The meeting stressed that for the provincial-level local laws and regulations passed at the meeting, the provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee and the relevant committees should conduct intensive publicity with relevant parties and promptly authoritatively interpret the hot issues of concern to the masses, Prepare for the official implementation of the regulations. The provincial government and relevant departments should take effective measures to ensure the full implementation of the provisions of laws and regulations. The meeting fully affirmed the provincial government and relevant departments to rectify the problems found in the audit to achieve the results, I hope the provincial government to further strengthen the leadership of the audit, louboutin pas cher, increase the audit found problems rectification, and enhance the transparency of rectification work , Improve and implement the accountability mechanism, constantly improve the level of financial management, and give full play to the role of fiscal funds in economic and social development. The meeting stressed that the first meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress of the province was convened at the crucial moment of deepening the study and implementation of the 19th CPC National Congress and further promoting the new “two in one high” practice in the province, The general meeting, the important meeting held before the meeting, greatly affected the people of the province. The organs of the people’s congress of the people’s government at the provincial level must conscientiously implement the directives required by Secretary Lou of the Provincial Party Committee and fully recognize the importance of opening this congress. With a strong sense of political responsibility, the organs of the people’s congress should be meticulously organized and arranged in a down-to-earth manner. All preparatory work for the meeting should be done in a down-to- Successfully convened and achieved great success! At the conclusion of the meeting, Shi Heping conveyed the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 13th Provincial Party Committee and emphasized that the Standing Committee and the organs of the Provincial People’s Congress should unify their thinking and actions with the Central Government and provincial Party committees in scientifically judging the current situation, We should unify them with the deployment requirements for this year’s and future work, further enhance the concept of the overall situation, base ourselves on the orientation of the “two organs”, continuously improve the quality and standard of work, and promote the implementation of the spirit of the plenum of the provincial party committee, in order to promote high-quality development Continue to push forward the new “two highs and one highs” practice and accelerate the construction of a new “Jiangsu-rich and beautiful-high” Jiangsu Province and make due contributions.

Comrade Guo Yuanqiang resume

Guo Yuanqiang data map Guo Yuanqiang data diagram

Guo Yuanqiang, the current deputy governor, member of the provincial government party group. Male, born in July 1965, Han nationality, Guangshan people of Henan province, postgraduate degree, doctor of engineering degree, researcher. Joined the Communist Party of China in June 1986 and joined the work in July 1988.

1984.09-1988.07 Chemistry Department of Huazhong Normal University

1988.07-1990.08 Guangxi Agricultural College Foundation Department of Chemistry Teaching Assistant

1990.08-1993.07 Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Chemical Institute of polymer chemistry and physics master graduate student 1993.07-1996.10 Guangdong Petrochemical Import and Export Trade Company Project Engineer 1996.10-2003.08 Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry Cellulose Open Research Laboratory, Polymer Research Assistant researcher, associate researcher, researcher (during which: 1999.08-2002.06 South China University of Technology School of materials science and engineering materials graduate professional post-doctoral degree; 2001.12-2003.08 served as director of the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Assistant)

2003.08-2008.07 Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision Deputy director 2008.07-2011.08 Guangdong Maoming Municipal Committee, deputy mayor 2011.08-2012.01 Guangdong Maoming Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor, Gaozhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee 2012.01-2012.03 Guangdong Maoming Municipal Committee, Gaozhou Municipal Committee, Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee

2012.03-2013.12 Guangdong Provincial Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Affairs Long, the party secretary
2013.12-2016.03 Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce director, party secretary

2016.03-2017.01 Guangdong Zhuhai municipal party committee secretary

2017.01-2018.01 Guangdong Province Zhuhai municipal party committee secretary, director of the Municipal People’s Congress

2018.01 from Jiangsu Province, vice governor, member of the provincial government party

party’s nineteen representatives, the 12th CPPCC National Committee members, Thirteenth NPC deputies.

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